One Piece 1042 Title Revealed – We Are Almost At the Climax

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One Piece 1042 Title
Kaidou Dragon Clouds

One Piece 1042 Spoilers are out already, and the final moment of the battle on the rooftop between Kaidou and Luffy is almost here. The battle is set to be decided soon, with the One Piece 1042 title and brief summary already released. We are still not yet sure how things will end up. But it looks like, as usual, Luffy is still trying to find a way to take down Kaidou. We have seen that Kaidou has finally taken this fight seriously, and after he saw that Big Mom was defeated, he was a bit concerned. At this point, it is difficult to figure out what Kaidou could be thinking. We are not even sure if he has any fears at all.

Throughout the fight at the rooftop, Kaidou has shown very little to no weaknesses, while Luffy has been struggling all this time. Well, this is not surprising since Kaidou is one of the Yonkou and has proven many times of his might and power. So this battle has now become a race against each other to see who would fall first between Kaidou and Luffy. So whoever slips up would get fatal consequences, just like the spoilers are hinting.

One Piece Chapter 1042 Title

One Piece 1042 title will be “Winners Need No Excuse.” It looks like this will refer to the outcome of the battle, although it is not yet clear who will win at the moment. For now, we know that the only weakness that Kaidou has is apparent in his dragon clouds as Momonosuke has managed to take them over.

But as a Zoan type devil fruit user, wherever his next weakness will show, it will be devastating. For now, the odds are against Luffy as he is involved in what would look like a three-way battle with one of the CP0 agents already distracting him. So now Luffy is on the rooftop with Kaidou and the CP0 agent, who both want him dead. It will be interesting to finally see what happens and how the chapter title will relate to the outcome of this fight that looks really impossible for Luffy to turn around.

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Kaidou Dragon Clouds
Onigashima Airborne

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