One Piece Chapter 1027 Spoilers Revealed Early

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One Piece 1026

One Piece 1027 spoilers were released early this week, and as usual, we will see how the upcoming chapter will continue with the fight at the rooftop. The recent manga chapters have put more attention on the big battle of the raid as Luffy seeks to settle the score with Kaidou once and for all. With Onigashima almost at the flower capital, then this means things will happen a bit faster as Luffy and the samurai are now in a battle against time.

Kaidou plans to crash the flying Onigashima on Wano’s iconic node, the flower capital which defines Wano and its history. So with his new Onigashima plan, he intends to change everything and establish himself as its absolute ruler.

The samurai have intervened in his plans, and now we managed to get an interesting fight which might even turn out to be the best in the anime’s history. The previous chapter saw Luffy and Kaidou’s clash splitting the clouds signaling that Luffy has finally reached that Yonkou level and has mastered his Haki as well.

So as we brace for the final showdown, we should keep in mind that things can not drag any longer than this, and whatever the outcome will be on the rooftop, this will be the final result. Based on the spoilers for the next chapter, it looks like the scenes will transition into other fights soon. It should be only logical that in this fight, Kaidoui and Big Mom will be the last ones to fall.

One Piece Manga Chapter 1027 will be officially released over the weekend and will be available on all VIZ Media and Manga Plus official platforms as usual. The chapter will be free to read for up to seven days, so if you have caught up with the manga, you will be able to get the next one for free.

One Piece 1026
Flying Onigashima Island

One Piece Chapter 1027 Spoilers

Chapter Summary thanks to Redon, courtesy of the One Piece Subreddit.

Chapter title: “Danger beyond imagination” ( for Yamato and Momonosuke situation)

On the cover, we see Gol D. Roger running away from a furious lion while he cries with laughter. Roger painted on a lion’s face while it was asleep. In the background, we see Shanks and Buggy on the top of a tree; they are still scared of the lion.

The chapter starts with Nekomamushi, who has returned to his base form by covering his eyes from the moonlight. Perospero is knocked out on the ground. Carrot hugs Nekomamushi in joy as Wanda walks up to him as well.
Nekomamushi: “Be careful. Otherwise, you will transform into Sulong. For some reason, the moon is still visible in the sky…”

We then see Onigashima in the sky while the clouds spread out more and more. Yamato and Momonosuke look up at the sky as Luffy and Kaidou stand face to face after their collision.
Yamato: “I read it from Oden’s Journal “When Roger and Whitebeard clashed, the sky also split.”
The impact of Luffy and Kaidou’s attack was so powerful such that it shook the entire island. We can see some debris falling inside Onigashima’s castle.
Yamato starts to bleed from her head.
Yamato: “Ah…“Raimei Hakke”…Although I tried to guard myself against it, it was completely impossible to block it completely.”

Luffy tells Yamato to help Momonosuke, who is along the edge of the island and is unable to jump because he still doesn’t know how to fly yet. Yamato jumps on Momonouske’s head and tells him that she is going to help her. Kaidou goes after them.
Kaidou: “Hey Yamato!! Momonosuke…Where do you think you’re going!!!”
Momonosuke freaks out as he sees Kaidou going after them. Then he thinks about the last time he saw Kinemon before Kaidou seemingly killed him. Momonosuke asks Kinemon for courage from within.

At the same moment, Kaidou reaches them, but Yamato blocks his attack. Luffy appears from behind and wraps Kaidou’s neck with his legs to stop him.
Luffy: “Yamao!!”
Yamato: “I understand; you want to fight alone, right!!?”
Luffy replies with a smile.
Luffy: “Yes!!!”
Momonosuke then falls off the cliff screaming in fear.
Momonosuke: “Aaaahh, I’m going to die!!!”
Yamato: “Momonosuke-kun, Grab the sky!!”
Momonosuke: “Grab!?”
Yamato: ““Dragons” don’t fly!!”
Momonosuke: “Huh!?”
Yamato: “Create a cloud and grab it!!”
As Yamato says this, we also see how Momonosuke creates a cloud next to his claw and then grabs it strongly and uses it to propel himself.

Yamato: “Walk on the sky!!!That is what “dragons” do!!!”
Momonosuke: “I am flying!!!”
Yamato: “These clouds are known as “Flame Clouds” (Homuragumo)!!!”
All of a Sudden some rocks fall from the bottom of Onigashima. Yamato destroys them without any problem. But more and more rocks starts to fall from the island.
Yamato: “The island is starting to collapse!!!”
Momonosuke: “Huh!!?”
Yamato: “It’s not possible…Kaidou’s power… is weakening…!? his “Flame Clouds” are unstable.”
Momonosuke: “It is very dangerous!!”
Momonosuke hit the lower area of Onigashima island with his head, but nothing happens.

Momonosuke: “I will not let this dangerous thing reach the “Flower Capital”!!!”
Yamato: “It is impossible, you will not be able to do anything this way Momonosuke-kun!!We do not have time!!It is too close!!! Onigashima will arrive in less than 5 minutes!!”
They both look at Onigashima thinking what they should do.
Yamato: “The “Flame Clouds” are disappearing!!The only way to stop the Onigashima is to hold it with more powerful “Flame Clouds”!!!”
Momonosuke: “It’s crazy!! I can’t create something like that!!I don’t have the same power as Kaidou!!”
Yamato: “You should be able to do it!!”
Yamato tells him that the situation is worse than she imagined. If Onigashima lands as Kaidou planned, then there will be many casualties in the city.
Yamato: “The worst-case will happen if Kaidou is defeated.“Flame Clouds” will disappear and Onigashima will crash before it reaches the capital!! There is a massive amount of weapons and explosives in Onigashima!!! The island itself is a giant bomb!! If the island falls…!! both Enemies and allies will be annihilated!!!”

Momonosuke: “Eh…Then we have to warn Luffy…!!”
Yamato hits Momonosuke on his head with her kanabo.
Yamato: “Idiot!!!”
Momonosuke: “Wah!!”
Yamato: “Luffy is carrying everything on his shoulder…!! Right now he is fighting by himself!!!”
As Yamato speaks we also see Luffy and Kaidou as they are preparing another attack using their Color of the Supreme King Haki.
Yamato: “You can not defeat Kaidou without Luffy!! So you can not give him more things to worry about!! You must stop this yourself!!!”

One Piece 1027
King vs Zoro

King vs Zoro

Back in the “Live Floor” in Onigashima castle. We can see King attacking people all over the stage with his cutting wind blades (both samurais and members of the Beast Pirates). Zoro is hit by King’s attacks, he tries to stop them with his swords but the attacks are so powerful and pushes Zoro through the walls.
We also see that King has transformed into his hybrid form (although it is not confirmed in the chapter). His body remains in his human form but his arms turn into Pteranodon wings (the ones that he used to attack everyone) and there is a Pteranodon crest on his head.
King’s attack was so strong and sent Zoro flying through one of the corridors next to the “Live Floor”. Franky managed to stop Zoro and stops his flight path. Zoro says that King is strong, Franky offers to help out but Zoro says that he’s OK.

Meanwhile, on the “Live Floor,” we see Queen is arguing with King.
Queen: “Damn you, King!!! Stop with your indiscriminate attacks!! You almost cut out my ass!!”
King: “Too bad I did not cut your neck.”
Queen: “Ahh!!?”
Some of the Beast Pirates’ subordinates speak about King and his anger.
Subordinates: “Pirate Hunter Zoro…he has managed to damage King’s mask!! No surprise King is angry …Since no one has ever seen King’s face!!”
As they are saying this, we see King getting closer to Zoro and Franky. Indeed, Zoro has managed to cut out one of the spikes from King’s mask (the one on his left side).

Zoro: “Franky, it is better you leave this place…!!”
Franky wishes him good luck as he leaves.
King jumps and fly at high speed towards Zoro using his new attack.
King: ““Tankyudon” (Vermilion Imperial Bow – 丹弓皇 (タンキュウドン))!!”
Zoro defends himself with ““Santouryuu”…!!“Ul”!!!“Tora Gari”!!!”
“Santouryuu: Ul Tora Gari” = Three Sword Style: Ultra Tiger Hunt (三刀流: 極虎狩り (ウルトラがり)).
Zoro stops King’s flap and also managed to hit King on his head. But King’s attack is very powerful and throws Zoro away again. This time he goes through several walls and finally he’s blown outside of Onigashima’s castle. Zoro spits blood from his mouth.
King doesn’t stop and attacks Zoro again (Zoro is surprised). The blow takes Zoro off Onigashima Island but Zoro reacts in time and manages to return to the island by propelling himself with a new attack called “Nitouryuu: Clearance/Clear Lance” (Two Swords Style: Celestial Tanuki Spear – 二刀流: 空狸槍 (クリアランス)).
Zoro: “Hah, hah…!! That was dangerous…!! At least let me die by a sword…!! Or I won’t forgive you!!!”
King: “I won’t forgive you either…!!!”

We can see a close-up of King’s face. As we saw before, Zoro’s attack managed to hit King’s head and broke a piece of his mask, the part above his left eye. We see that King has light-colored hair (combed back) and slightly dark skin. It also seems that he has an elaborated mark or tattoo above his eye …

There will be NO BREAK NEXT WEEK.

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The Final Stages of Wano Raid

The flying Onigashima has been reported to be very close to reaching the flower capital in recent chapters. And at this point, it should be already visible from the flower capital if it wants for the clouds that cover the sky. Luffy has resolved to face Kaidou one on one, so maybe this time he has a plan that would finally stop Kaidou.

Se he requested Momonosuke and Yamato to stop Onigashima from crashing into the flower capital. We have finally reached the decisive moment of this raid, and Kaidou’s weaknesses are starting to show. It looks like he is running out of power as he has been fighting full force ever since Big Mom left him with Luffy on the rooftop.

So creating flame clouds big enough to move Onigashima all the way to the flower capital combined with fighting a full-powered Luffy is proving to be too much for him. But it looks like soon things will transition, and we won’t get as many updates from their fight.

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