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One Piece 1018 Spoilers Out: A Step Closer To The End


With Who’s Who hybrid form now in the spotlight, One Piece 1018 spoilers have been released with more updates. For now, most fans are intrigued by Who’s Who’s past as he seems to have had a fateful encounter with Jinbe in the past. And now they are rejoined in the Onigashima war with Jinbe as the last person to join the straw hats at this point.

In the previous chapters, Who’s Who expressed hatred towards Jinbe, who proudly declared himself the helmsman of the straw hats. And due to that, Who’s Who is dead set on defeating Jinbe to inflict his hatred towards Luffy as well.

Lately, the manga has settled on their fight, and it seems like we will get more updates on their end. This should be interesting as we will finally see what Jinbe is capable of at full strength. Who’s Who is also said to have mastered the World Government’s fighting arts, so it will be interesting to see him use his techniques.

At this point, it looks like more secrets will be revealed about Luffy’s devil fruit and how he managed to come across it. But at the moment, we know that the World Government had lost it in the past, and it ended up in Shank’s ship, where Luffy ended up eating it unintentionally. So it looks like the manga will have a different focus for June.

One Piece 1018 will officially release on the weekend, and VIZ Media will handle the English digital publications together with Shueisha’s Manga Plus. The spoilers have released early this week with more updates, and it looks like the next chapter will focus more on Who’s Who’s fight and Jinbe.

One Piece Chapter 1018 Spoilers

We have the brief Summary of the chapter thanks to Redon, courtesy of the One Piece Subreddit.

Jinbe vs Who's Who

Jinbe vs. Who’s Who | Credits: AMANAMOON

Chapter 1,018 title: “Jinbe Vs. Who’s Who”.

On the cover, Ulti and Page One are in a room full of plush dinosaur toys. The toys present all the DFs from Beast Pirates, respectively (dragon, Pteranodon, Brachiosaurus, and Mammoth). Ulti takes off Page One’s hat while he’s reading a dinosaur book.

The chapter starts on the “Live Floor.” Around 300 Gifters and Headliners betrayed Kaidou. We also see some Headliners like Hamlet attacking some of Kaidou’s subordinates.

Some of Kaido’s men now target Tama; they have realized that it’s her powers that caused the uproar. Nami & Usopp (with Tama in his arms) tried to escape, but when Kaido’s subordinates almost reach them, Daifugo intervenes and beats them.

Speed arrives as well and protects Tama. Nami and Tama ride on Speed’s back while Usopp follows behind them, asking to let him ride along. Gazelleman then appears and tells Tama that they will take care of Komachiyo. Usopp adds that Tama’s power is awesome because normally, you wouldn’t make friends on a battlefield.

Zeus asks Nami if he can be her servant again. Nami says she’d prefer “partner” instead. This motivates Zeus’ morale a lot, so he starts attacking Kaido’s subordinates and clears the path. Usopp commented how Nami has an awesome ability as well.

Back to CP-0, it seems that some of the Gifters’ subordinates have betrayed Kaidou along with them as well. So now the difference between the two armies is 16,000 members on Kaido’s side Vs. 9,000 members on the samurai’s side.

The big member of CP-0 said that he doesn’t really care who wins. But, they should make sure that “that guy” ( referring to Who’s Who) is dead at the end. CP-0 member who wears the smiling mask says that the Government’s confidential information that Who’s Who possesses too old, and there’s no damage to the Government even if the information gets leaked. The other CP-0 member replies and says that leaving Government’s prisoner alive would set a bad precedence. The CP-0 member with the smiling mask finishes the conversation.

——————————BREAK NEXT WEEK——————————

One Piece Chapter 1018 Discussions

The latest spoilers have revealed some interesting news. And even though it is not official yet, Who’s Who revealed that Shanks stole the Gomu Gomu no Mi from the world government. And as an agent who was tasked with Guarding it, then it is likely that he knows almost anything there is to know about the fruit.

The chapter will focus more on Who’s Who vs. Jinbe, so it is at this time that we will see Jinbe go all out against an opponent for the first time. So it should be interesting to see what kind of techniques he will use. Even though we have seen Who’s Who moves from Rob Lucci, we should expect to see mastery over them from Who’s Who.

With this, it means that the next few chapters might add to this as well. So this fight will remain in the spotlight for a while. This will mean that we have covered almost all fronts of this war and what’s left would just be the updates from each fight. The most interesting fight that is in suspense at the moment is Yamato vs. Kaidou while Yamato waits for Luffy to come back to the rooftop. But for now, let’s wait to see how things will go in Jinbe’s fight.

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