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‘One Ordinary Day’ Ending Explained: Does Kim Hyun Soo Jump Off The Building?

One Ordinary Day Ending
One Ordinary Day Korean Drama 2021

Even after its completion, One Ordinary Day ending has left many questions unanswered! Fans are confused with the drama’s open end, especially Kim Yoo Jung’s cameo at the climax. Indeed, no one saw that coming! However, the last episodes of the series were full of emotional roller coaster rides. Especially witnessing Kim Hyun Soo’s transformation in Episode 7 has pierced our hearts! The once ordinary boy has lost his innocence, transforming into an indifferent being! After all, to survive in the brutal prison life, he was left with no choice but to throw away his young, naive self.

Coupang Play’s ‘One Ordinary Day’ has shared an innocent boy’s journey who unexpectedly falls into the trap of false accusations and twisted play of the law authorities. Thankfully, to his aid, Shin Joong Han comes. Both leads stars, Kim Soo Hyun and Cha Seung Won have done excellent work portraying their characters. Not only them but the supporting cast such as Kim Shin Rok, Lee Seol, Kim Sung Kyu, Kim Hong Pa have also given their remarkable contribution making the series more enjoyable!

With a well-written plotline, exceptional acting, and top-notch directing, the kdrama keeps viewers on edge till the end! However, with the open closing and Kim Yoo Jung’s guest appearance, many viewers are baffled about the One Ordinary Day ending part!

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One Ordinary Day Ending Explained- Shin Joong Han Finds New Suspects

In Episode 7 of One Ordinary Day, Lawyer Shin Joong Han finds new suspects who could be linked to the chrysanthemum case. The suspect list includes Hong Guk Hwa’s friend, a drug supplier, stepfather, neighbor, and truck driver. It seems each of them hides a reason that could be the motive of the crime. However, the question remains’ unanswered, is the killer really among them? Well, One Ordinary Day ending has given explanations about it. Let’s go through all suspects one by one!

Yoon Hyo Jung (Friend)

Yoon Hyo Jung was the late Hong Guk Hwa’s friend and the first suspect of this murder mystery. It reveals that a week before Guk Hwa’s murder, she and Yoon Hyo Jung had fought very badly to the point Hyo Jung’s injuries required three weeks of treatment. Episode 7 also reveals the reason for their fight. Yoon Hyo Jung had found about Guk Hwa and her boyfriend Uhm Ki Jong’s sexual intercourse. Therefore, the girls had fought, and eventually, Hyo Jung moved out of Guk Hwa’s house. On the night of her death, the two were supposed to meet. However, Guk Hwa did not even answer her calls or messages.

One Ordinary Day Cast

Yoon Hyo Jung and Uhm Ki Jong

Uhm Ki Jong (Drug Supplier)

Ukm Ki Jong is the second suspect who appears on the witness stand. Shin Joong Han discloses that he and Guk Hwa had sexual intercourse, and thus that had led to the rift between his and Hyo Jung’s relationship. Ki Jong also admits the same. Although they had slept once and he was Guk Hwa’s drug supplier, nothing fishy stands out that would point towards him.

Lee Chul Ho (Truck Driver)

One Ordinary Day ending exposes the third suspect, which we’re all doubting from the beginning, the truck driver Lee Chul Ho! It shows that Lee Chul Ho had once delivered a package at Guk Hwa’s address, but she had filed a complaint against him. After all, receiving negative reviews in the delivery industry is not a good sign. Coincidently, he saw Guk Hwa that night at a gas station and followed her and Hyun Soo to Han River.

Since Lee Chul Ho is an ex-convict, he wears an ankle monitor. However, his ankle monitor was turned off for an hour that night. Therefore, when Shin Joong Han questions this, he scornfully answers that the ankle monitor’s battery was dead.

One Ordinary Day Cast

Lee Chul Ho and Jo Gang Pil

Jo Gang Pil (Stepfather)

Hong Guk Hwa’s stepfather Jo Gang Pil also comes on the suspect list. As we all know, after Guk Hwa’s mother’s death, the two were not even in contact with each other. But soon after Guk Hwa’s death, Jo Gang Pil obtained her insurance money and put her five million dollar house on the market. Even though he has the motive, Prosecutor Ahn proves his alibi. It shows that night, her stepfather was at a motel with his girlfriend.

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Yoo Seung Hun (Neighbour)

Moving on to the fifth and the last suspect, Yoo Seung Hun, who is witness no. 2 and Hong Guk Hwa’s neighbor. Many viewers have found his interaction in the first episode weird. After all, kdrama writers do not put any unnecessary character. Therefore, Yoo Seung Hun plays a crucial role! So remember his name! Initially, Shin Joong Han reveals Yoo Seung Hun’s weird habit of parking his car in front of Guk Hwa’s house, which is 1km away from his own. The second disclosure shocks everyone that Seung Hun was stalking Guk Hwa for the past few days before her death.

However, it turns out that the person he was stalking was not Hong Guk Hwa but her friend, Yoo Hyo Jung. He had even received a penalty for stalking her. And thus clearing his name from the suspect list.

One Ordinary Day Ending

Shin Joong Han and Yoo Seung Hun

Hyun Soo Is Sentenced To Life Imprisonment

Even after bringing so many suspects, Shin Joong Han fails to locate the real murderer! After going through all evidence, he finds a loophole. He uses it in the court hearing. One Ordinary Day ending unveils the sickening side of the law system! Shin Joong Han discloses that Captain Park had returned the nebulizer to Hyun Soo, which was found at the crime scene. It is clearly against the law and investigation protocols. He also states that Captain Park had removed the inhaler details from the evidence log. After all, the nebulizer could have created ‘an innocent college boy image’ for Kim Hyun Soo.

The drama also uncovers Captain Park had never called any other suspects, which Shin Joong Han brought in the count. It indicates, from the beginning, Captain Park was targeting only Kim Hyun Soo, leading this target investigation. Although his points are worthy, he does not have solid proof to clear Kim Hyun Soo’s name. Eventually, Prosecutor Ahn requests the death penalty. However, Shin Joong Han emphasizes that Korean law states no one is presumed to be guilty, especially without definite evidence. Thankfully, the five out of nine the jury falls in Hyun Soo’s favor, expecting him not guilty.

One Ordinary Day Korean Drama

Hyun Soo

However, the jury’s judgment is only taken into consideration. Because the final decision the court makes! Therefore after reviewing all reports, the court finds Kim Hyun Soo objectively guilty of Hong Guk Hwa’s murder with sufficient evidence. And thus, Hyun Soo is sentenced to life imprisonment!

Do Ji Tae Leaves A Strong Imprint

After returning to prison, Hyun Soo entirely gives up on his life and decides not to make an appeal. Thus, One Ordinary Day ending shows Do Ji Tae trying to talk to Hyun Soo about making an appeal, telling him that he should end up like his. But, suddenly, Ji Tae stops talking, and Hyun Joo turns to check on him, only to discover Park Doo Shik has slashed Do Ji Tae’s neck. Due to heavy blood loss, Do Ji Tae loses his life, but his eyes tell every emotion he wants to convey that Hyun Soo should get out of this hellish prison. Do Ji Tae’s loss heavily affects Hyun Soo’s midset, who shut off all emotions and become indifferent towards everything.

One Ordinary Day Ending Explained

Kim Hyun Soo and Do Ji Tae

The Real Killer Is Found But, The Law Fails To Protect Hyun Soo’s Innocent

After Do Ji Tea’s death, Hyun Soo lives quietly in prison. Prosecutor Ah gets promoted and becomes a chief prosecutor. Even Captain Park Sang Beom receives an honorable retired ceremony for his great deed. Meanwhile, Shin Joong Han does not give up on Hyun Soo! He continues his investigation and finds that Yoo Seung Hun used to carry a camera that must have captured what happened that night. He even meets Yoo Seung Hun only to find that the police had already seized all photos of that night. Eventually, Shin Joong Han gets his hands on those photos and discovers the killer who visited Hong Guk Hwa’s house that night. And that person is none other than the rehabilitation center’s doctor, Park Chan Yeol!

Knowing Captain Park deliberately hid those photos, Joong Han knows he can’t win. After all, this corrupt law system only bends in front of those who hold power. Therefore, he leaves the evidence of the killer to Park Sang Beom and lets him decide what to do. Ultimately, Park Sang Beom and Prosecutor Ahn catch Park Chan Yeol. However, their greed knows no limit. They take all credits stating they believe in Hyun Soo’s desperate cry and continue their investigation. Although they find the real killer, they fail to protect an innocent ordinary boy who lost his naive, young self. Therefore, One Ordinary Day ending tells the law fails to do justice to Kim Hyun Soo.

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Where Are Kim Hyun Soo And Shin Joong Han At The End?

After releasing from jail, where is Hyun Soo? One Ordinary Day ending has left bittersweet taste with its complicated closing. Kim Hyun Soo has gone through so much at such a young age, such as losing his younger self, transforming into a cold-stone person to survive the brutality behind the bar, losing his only solace, Do Ji Tae hyung, and finally getting back his freedom and whatnot. Even after returning to his ordinary life, nothing seems ordinary to him. He has become impassive to everything, even his family. Therefore at the end, he goes to the building’s rooftop and watches the course of the busy city.

Since the ending scene does not show whether or not he has jumped off the building, many viewers predict he has. However, after going through such a vicious cycle, there is no way this new Kim Hyun Soo will end his life. Although he is not that past naive, happy-to-go ordinary college boy who loves study and enjoys friends’ company, he is still Kim Hyun Soo. He is the ‘Kim Hyun Soo’ who has learned the harrowing route of ruling this world that does not stop for anyone. And this time, he will withstand every obstacle on his own. Because only he holds the key to his freedom!

Does One Ordinary Day Ending Hint Season 2 Possibility?

Meanwhile, another part of One Ordinary Day ending has made viewers perplexed. It is Shin Joong Han’s closing. After solving Kim Hyun Soo’s lawsuit, Shin Joong Han moves on with his life and takes over new cases. Nothing much has changed but, he is still doing his job as a lawyer. After all, his credit for finding the real killer Prosecutor Ahn Tae Hee and Park Sang Beom take. It shows that he did not take Hyun Soo’s case for fame but wanted to help out that innocent college boy locked up behind the bar with no one beside him. His character is admired by fans. He has given the warmth which Hyun Soo craves till the end.

Season 2 of One Ordinary Day Season 2

Shin Joong Han and looked-up girl (Kim Yoo Jung)

By the ending, he meets a new client in the police station but, before he can leave, he sees a girl in blood-stained clothes, sitting at the corner just like Kim Hyun Soo was during their first meeting. Finding Hyun Soo’s traits in her, he reaches out to her, gives her his card, asking if she has hired a lawyer or not. And that looked-up girl is none other than actress Kim Yoo Jung. With Kim Yoo Jung’s cameo, many viewers’ hoping for One Ordinary Day season 2. Is it really possible to have season 2? Therefore, stay tuned to know the latest updates about Coupang Play’s One Ordinary Day Season 2 updates. 

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