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Spoilers and Preview: One Deadly Mistake Season 1 Episode 8

Preview And Recap: One Deadly Mistake Season 1, Episode 8
Still From One Deadly Mistake Season 1, Episode 7

One Deadly Mistake, a documentary by Oxygen Network portraying some of the brutal murder cases ever. Created by Oxygen Network, every episode tells a new story. With a voice-over by John Sanders, the series states how a murderer always tends to make at least one mistake. This one mistake costs him the plan and soon the detectives grab on to him. The series is currently on its first season run. It has to cover seven episodes so far. So here we are taking a look at what happened in the previous episode. Plus, what we can expect from the upcoming eighth episode of Oxygen’s One Deadly Mistake.

One Deadly Mistake follows a number of homicidal cases. It tells the stories of hardworking police officers who tirelessly work hard. Trying to track down the killer before he runs from the hands. The series constantly emphasizes the one tiny but quite a deadly mistake that becomes the reason behind the killer being caught. So with no further adieu, let’s take a look at the case discussed in the previous episode of One Deadly Mistake.

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Previously On One Deadly Mistake

The seventh episode of One Deadly Mistake took us to the beautiful Meritt Island of Florida and the green paradise it is. Until a horrific discovery was made on July 23rd, 2000. Around 4.00 pm, a dead body of a young female bound and naked with face down is found in the Indian River by a local circuit judge. He reports the local authorities who arrive on the scene. Upon analyzing, the girl was found tied in with a rope and duct tape almost all over her face.

Preview And Recap: One Deadly Mistake Season 1, Episode 8

Still From One Deadly Mistake Season 1, Episode 7

The autopsy report identified the victim as Misty April Morse. Misty’s parents were devasted upon hearing the news. Even though they were in grief they didn’t lose hope and decided to help the police to find her killer. Misty’s mother revealed that she saw Misty three days ago before she left to go somewhere. Before leaving she had a brief call with someone on her phone.

Detective Harell and his team tried to track down the phone but unlike today, in the 2000s it wasn’t an easy job. So, apart from the phone, the police focused on the other aspects found near her body. It included a sail tape and a perfectly tied cow hitch not would tell it was used by someone in the navy.


The investigation went on further with Police asking Misty’s family about her love interests which led them to Teddy Underwood was a convicted felon. Upon interviewing him, they received an interview they weren’t expecting. Underwood tried to help as much as he can. The department took his DNA samples as he forensic didn’t have much Misty to figure out. He even allowed them to search his house which upon searching ruled Underwood out. On the other hand, forensics found a hair of a dog on the crime scene.

Preview And Recap: One Deadly Mistake Season 1, Episode 8

Still From One Deadly Mistake Season 1, Episode 7

The next suspect in line was Bobby Cooper. Before her death, Bobby had been approaching Misty for a while and went on a few dates with her. He was quite into her and thought she was the one although she rejected him a couple of times. The officers interviewed Bobby and all they got was a sob story of how much he deeply cared about her. They searched his house. Detect Harell was looking for duct tape, a boat, a plastic bag, a dog, and some military experience. Bobby apparently had nothing of it except an old boat.

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A Strong Lead

Before leaving Bobby’s house, Bobby provides the officers a new lead. Misty’s ex-boyfriend Brent with whom she had a rough relationship. Apparently, it was revealed that he has some Navy experience. Upon investigating Brent Huck, the officers found out that he failed navy and being a captain of a boat and had been in a relationship with Misty a year ago which was quite rough. 28-year-old Brent saw her as friends with benefits. He last talked to her a few days ago when a rumor was spread that she was pregnant with his baby. He bitched her on a phone call at midnight and later apologized. The confession confirmed the last phone calls Misty received were from none other than Brent.

Preview And Recap: One Deadly Mistake Season 1, Episode 8

Still From One Deadly Mistake Season 1, Episode 7

Brent Huck’s house was searched and a lot of things were found. Three dogs, a duct tape as in a sail tape, a rope matching the one found on the scene, a plastic bag matching the one from the scene, and finally Brent had some military experience. Still, the DA rejected the case to take to the court declaring evidence as circumstantial.


Preview And Recap: One Deadly Mistake Season 1, Episode 8

Still From One Deadly Mistake Season 1, Episode 7

The Officers went on to use up-and-coming technology at that time. They decided to use Dog DNA to determine if it was Brent’s dog at the scene which proved to be successful. After 28 months of constant hard work, Brent was charged with the murder of Misty, and justice was served. In this episode he one deadly mistake the murderer did was bringing in his dog. The DNA Sample proved Brent’s deeds and sent him to jail for good.

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One Deadly Mistake Season 1 Episode 8 Release Date

One Deadly Mistake Season 1 Episode 8 will be releasing on Oxygen Network on the 6th of March 2021. It will be available to stream on the Oxygen network’s official site. Titled, “The Unusual Suspect”, the official synopsis hints at a police officer murder case. Officer Amanda Snell is found dead in her room at the NCIS base. The question remains if that was an accident or a foul play. Amanda Snell’s killer continues his quest to the next victim revealing much darker turns.

The next episode will see One Deadly Mistake taking a look at murder in Justice’s own house. An Officer has been hunted down. Now the question is what deadly mistake this killer did that caught him in the hands of the officers before he slashes another victim. All in the upcoming eighth episode titled “The Unusual Suspects” of One Deadly Mistake.

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