Once Upon A Time Season 8: Release Date Or Cancelled?

Once Upon A Time Season 8

Let’s talk about Once Upon A Time Season 8 and everything we know about it. Once Upon A Time is an American fantasy drama series that runs on ABC and for its eighth season, we get to see that Storybrooke, Maine the fictional town where all the magic happens is opened up again. The first six seasons took place in Storybrooke, but the seventh and final season takes place in Seattle, Washington in a town called Hyperion Heights with a different story arc.

The show borrows story arcs from fairy tales, folk legends, literature, and Disney franchise to create a magical place in which we can all entertain ourselves.

The final season took place, and the producers are teasing about a reunion season and retelling the story once again but with producers being teases and with ratings dictating the fate of a show we are not sure to see the eighth season in its entirety.

Rumpelstiltskin imprisoned Henry’s wife and daughter in a snow globe and had every single character from the fairy tale lands on his hands. Henry does manage to break his wife and kid out of the snow globe, but Rumpelstiltskin manages to get a hold of Harry’s pen and starts to write terrible sadistic endings for Storybrooke’s characters. This happened because when Henry from the fairy tale met at odds with Rumpelstiltskin, he made a pact with him so he could write his own, better fate. So what happened was that Henry from the fairy tale made a mistake with Regina’s former evil Queen self and by getting rid of her everyone’s fate would be sealed.

When they meet in the forest, Regina and Henry have a chat. Regina says she’s sorry for killing his grandparents and started to beg Henry to see the light. So the fates of these characters are sealed.

Regina tells her adopted kid that he means everything to her and that if the way she has to go out of the picture is by showing him that people love him no matter what he does, and that’s a good enough ending for her. After all, that begging Henry drops his sword.

Mr. Gold takes the hit sacrifice as he knows that the only way to stop his ego from the fairy tale is to rip his own heart. So he does. Moreover, Rumpelstiltskin goes all Spider-Man Infinity War dust in the wind. Also, Gold gets normal in his afterlife because he meets Belle. Regina needs one more curse to cast.

So she plans to bring all the realms together in Storybrooke, so in that closing scene, Regina is escorted by Henry and Zelena, who brings her to a super lavish throne room where everybody in the kingdom is having a good time. The center we get to see Snow White and Prince Charming bearing the good news: There’s peace across the realms, a Queen to rule them all (pun intended) is needed, and Regina is the right one for that job, that’s how it ends.

Once Upon A Time Season 8 Release Date?

Let’s face it. Once Upon A Time is not coming back, the producers like to toy with the idea, and writers and audience have seen the logical conclusion for each one of the characters so dreaming about a season 8 is a fairy tale, but who knows what might happen?

We’re going to have to wait and see. Please keep checking back our website, so you learn more about this and other series.


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