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Once Upon A Broken Heart: Release Date & Storyline

once upon a broken heart

Once Upon A Broken Heart, An upcoming novel written by the best-seller writer Stephanie Garber. The novel will wrench your hearts out and will astonish you with all the factors that help love to rise and shine like the sun. I am sure at different stages of life, you would see love disguise new experiences.

Do you remember the time when you first saw that person in your school, and you thought that yes! this is one? But later on, you found that it was merely the crush, okay! the time when you were filled with passion and spark, and you would do anything to stay with that person forever. And finally, when you learned that there is no forever, but you want to love, and this time you did not love passionate, but all you want is to sit next to that person and stare at the moon all night in serenity.

There is so much about love, and still numerous or unbelievable primes of love are unreleased and once upon a broken heart will give a unique experience and will show you the new side of love. Are you ready to lose yourself just to stay with your life?

Stephanie Garber

I am sure you must have known her from her best-selling series Caravel. If not, she lives in fairyland and believes in fairy tales. Stephanie Garber is an American Author, she started her writing journey as a hobby during her leisure but soon, writing was not her passion, but also her life works to do. She started writing during her college, and even after lots of rejection, she did not give and eventually, her fourth work, “Space Opera,” got published, but the book did not go well. Finally, she wrote ” Caraval”, a romantic trilogy series.

You know love is not only about happiness, but if you welcome love in your life, you have to accept the sacrifice, pain, sorrow, sufferings, even heartbreaks. But what is the meaning of human life if you don’t ‘t feel emotions?

About Caraval

Do you know the way to dream world? If not, then don’t worry because Tella and Scarlett, two lovers, will take you to the dream world, and they will also reflect the brighter side of love, a healthy and toxicity-free love. Leaving an old world behind where your existence is and then step into a new world. Sometimes we don’t want any close but an escape and we are ready to call ourselves escapists.

“No one is truly honest. Even if we don’t lie to others, we often lie to ourselves. And the word good means different things to different people.” ― Stephanie Garber

“Caraval”, the esoteric game, and to play the game, you have to wait for the entire year. Of course, scarcity and demands are best friends. But luckily, few people get a chance to go and either watch or to play the game. Scarlett, the protagonist, is writing to the parable master of the caravel. When your entire life is about hope to fulfill that one dream, and finally you are ready to attain the dream. What’s next?

Once Upon  A Broken Heart: Release Date

Once Upon A Broken Heart novel will release on 28 September 2021. “Curse in disguise of Blessing; When you want to spend the rest of your life with one, your life revolves around that person, and then you encounter the reality, that is not your “home” someone else to going to live there for the rest of their lives, and you were merely a tenant. You are shattered, but then you remember that love also disguise hope. The new storyline, the book, contains a new protagonist, Evangeline Fox. If you believe in true love and also if you live happily ever after then this book is made for you.

Are you ready to feel the love? The novel is ready is to welcome you. Flatiron Books publishers have announced the date. Yes! You will feel the love in this month itself. Be ready and save the date.

once upon a broken heart

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I am a college student and I am pursuing my career in English literature. writing is a therapy and a way to express my emotion. I believe in-universe. language is my true friend and I love writing Urdu poetries

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