On Golden Pond Filming Locations & The Sets

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norman and ethel
'On Golden Pond (1981)'

‘On Golden Pond’ is a masterpiece. The movie was released almost 4 decades ago in 1981 on the 4th of December. This movie is a replica of the theatre play written by Ernest Thompson. The theatre play was also named ‘On Golden Pond’ and was played in the year 1979. Due to the immense success of the play, the director Mark Rydell thought of filming a movie based on the screenplay.

The star cast of this family drama movie ‘On Golden Pond’ includes Henry Fonda, Katharine Houghton Hepburn. The movie also stars Jane Fonda, Willian Lanteau, and many other brilliant actors in the supporting role. ‘On Golden Pond’ is also Henry Fonda’s last theatrical film, So it is a treat to watch him in this movie.

The movie received popularity within a few days from its release. It received nominations in at least 10 categories and won almost all. The storyline of the movie ‘On Golden Pond’ revolves around an old couple, Norman Thayer and Ethel Thayer. The male lead Henry Fonda has temper issues and shares a bittersweet relationship with his daughter.

on golden pond
‘Norman and Ethel Thayer in On Golden Pond’

What is the Plot of the movie ‘On Golden Pond’?

The plot of the movie ‘On Golden Pond’ is about an elderly couple, Norman and Ethel. They have a tradition of spending their summer at a cottage nearby the lake called GoldenPond. Norman has temper issues and is turning 80 years old soon. He sometimes has difficulty remembering things from the past about his family.

The old couple has a daughter, Chelsea. She visits her parents but does not share a good bond with her father. This is because of Norman’s short temper. She comes with her fiance Bill and a son, Billy who is 13 years old. Norman plays random mental ability games with Bill. On the other hand, Chelsea talks to her mommy about the relationship between her and her father.

Chelsea and Bill ask Mr. and Mrs. Thayer to keep Billy with them for a few days. They both do so because they do not get to spend a lot of time together. Billy is not happy as he does not have anything to do staying with the elderly couple. He does not have any friends there. But later on, develops a great bond with his grandpa.

Where is the movie ‘On Golden Pond’ Filmed?

The classic movie of Henry Fonda and Katharine Hepburn had cute locations and great picturization as compared to the movies in that era. The shooting of the movie took place in the New England state of the United States of America. Fans of this Academy Award-winning movie also have a wish of having a lake house just like the elderly couple. The peaceful environment around the clean lake is everything one needs in their busy life. Norman and Billy also do fishing in the pond and develop a great bond at that time.

New Hampshire in New England, United States of America

The beautiful place for filming in the United States of America is New England. it is the best place to shoot movies that have a screenplay depicting the holiday spirit and family time. A large part of the movie ‘On Golden Pond’ except the lake scenes is shot in this region.

new hampshire
‘New Hampshire, United States of America’

Squam Lake

The filming of the masterpiece ‘On Golden Pond’ took place at Squam Lake. This lake is so soothing and is dearly loved by all the actors in this movie. Norman and Billy went fishing and boat riding in the lake. The shooting was done in Big Squam Lake and Little Squam Lake. The interior scenes of the movie were shot in the small cottage built by Squam Lake.

squam lake in new hampshire
‘Squam Lake in New Hampshire, United States of America’

On Golden Pond is a complete package of family drama, fun, and the love of elderly parents. Do not miss out on watching this classic movie. You can watch this movie on Google Play.

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