OMB: On My Block Season 2 On Netflix: Renewal, Release Date, Spoilers

The brilliant On My Block has received nothing but praise from the audiences. It’s all about the portrayal of truth, what goes around in the suburbs especially with non-whites, the less privileged. The other premise of the show is that it’s a comic-of-age storyline, in which young and young adults all agree to. So the Netflix original OMB was renewed for another Season after airing in March 2018. The cliffhanger from Season 1 has all of us waiting impatiently for another Season. Today we are going to get into all of that and more.

OMB was created for Netflix by Eddie Gonzalez and Jeremy Haft. On April 13, 2018, On My Block was renewed for Season 2. Credit goes to the brilliant young cast of the show Sierra Capri, Jason Genao, Brett Gray, Diego Tinoco who either have minimal or zero acting experience and making a gem out of OMB script. The cast on the show is as diverse as it gets and OMB is particularly praised for its ruthless portrayal of reality, and it isn’t some magical/fantasy teen show.

OMB Season 2: Release Date

There should be no doubt on OMB’s release date. Judging by how previous show’s and their arcs work, OMB should be expected by early 2019. A year into the making and OMB Season 2 will be out. OMB might make it to Netflix in March/ April of 2019 if all goes well for the show. We know that Season 2 has already begun filming. It was to do so in September. Brett Gray who plays Jamal Turner spoke of filming for OMB, and late September is the time he informed us of.

OMB Season 2: Spoilers

Season 2 of OMB will deal with the loose threads from Season 1 and will tie them up. Must warn you of cliffhangers at this point. The finale episode on OMB saw Ruby and Olivia fending for their lives. My first question is, will they survive? On receiving multiple complaints about the kind of tragedy that evolved by the end of OMB, Eddie Gonzalez was quick to point out that that kind of tragedies happen every day and they (show makers) are just pointing them out, depicting real life.

For Season 2, we are told to expect the unexpected. The show makers are going to treat the kids on OMB as heroes to their own stories. Lauren Lungerich has informed us of how she and the rest of the team will take the tropes and spin them. Sierra Capri has assured us of more drama and more laughs on OMB Season 2. Diego Tinoco has told fans that OMB Season 2 will be epic.

Jamal Turner, Brett Gray had the following to say. Read this detailed statement below:
“I try to be as open as possible with that, there’s not anything I want to happen but I’m excited to see more of Jamal’s family life and the pressure there was on him growing up in the circumstance along with Ruby, Monse, and Cesar. Having money now, seeing what decisions that pressure makes him do, and if that changes his character or not, is what I’m excited to see.”

OMB Season 2: Cast

For those of you who have seen the finale episode, our fingers are crossed for Ruby and Olivia. They will make it, hopefully. They shot a Quinceañera. Their return is debatable, but we can always hope. Sierra Capri as Monse Finnie, Brett Gray as Jamal Turner, Diego Tinoco as Cesar Diaz and Jessica Marie Garcia as Jasmin will all join OMB Season 2.

OMB Season 2: Episodes and Trailer

For OMB Season 2, expect no less than 10 episode to be aired, as Season 1 had the similar number of episodes. For the trailer bit, no we don’t have it yet. It’s too soon a stage to expect one. The cast has just gone into filming. We’ll update this page and let you know.

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