OMB: On My Block Season 2 On Netflix: Episodes And Release Date Rumors

On My Block has been confirmed for a second season. The announcement about the renewal came out earlier this year. The show’s first season was loved by the fans because of the way it presented the story of some young’uns, who lived dangerously on the streets. The show’s renewal was good news for the fans throughout the world. It has been a really fantastic journey so far, and I hope that the second season will continue to provide the same level of entertainment.

Despite the show confirming the renewal of the second season, there has been no news about the premiere date for the second season. All we know is that the show will come back in 2019. It is possible that we might get the second season in early 2019. According to the rumors floating on the internet, On My Block Season 2 will be coming out in March 2019, but that’s just a rumor, nothing is confirmed as of now. The second season of On My Block will give us the answers to many questions from the first season. The biggest question on the minds of the people is whether Ruby and Olivia will manage to survive the shooting.

On My Block Season 2 Release Date

The showrunner Lauren Iungerich said that in the upcoming season, there would be a lot of pf surprises. She said, “You should expect the unexpected. For us, we tried to take the tropes & spin them, and really see our kids being the heroes of their own stories. No one is saving them but themselves.”

Brett Gray, who plays Jamal Turner talked about his character and what he expected from the story. He said that he didn’t want anything to happen to his characters. Brett also said that he is excited to see more of Jamal’s family life. He said that he wanted to see “The pressure there was on him growing up in the circumstance along with Ruby, Monse, & Cesar. Having money now, seeing what decisions that pressure makes him do, and if that changes his character or not, is what I am excited to see.”

The second season is expected to return with ten more episodes. The number hasn’t been confirmed yet but, we will keep an eye on the official news.

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