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Olly Alexander Net Worth: How Rich is The Famous Musician?

We all know the popular English musician who is also a songwriter and a renowned singer named Olly Alexander. Being such a great singer, he was chosen by the popular brand of the pop genre named Years & Years. The group was formed in 2010, whose debut music was a combination of the Electropop, R&B as well as including the popular House elements of 1990. Not only is he a great musician but also a graceful actor. Apart from his passion for music, his passion for acting grew when he was in his schooling years. At the early age of 10 years, he performed his first play in his school. He was fascinated by the art of portraying different characters. Other than that in those days itself, he made his first song.

After some time, that is by the time he turned 16 he managed to build contact with an agent who represented a popular company. He later dropped out of his school and started taking his initial steps in his acting career. His debut role was in the hit television movie titled Summerhill. Following the success of the movie, he made his debut in the genre of television shows with the popular drama under the genre of thriller and detective named Lewis. The show was aired on the popular channel named ITV. Apart from that he appeared in some other hit movies playing various roles namely in entering the Void, Gulliver’s Travels, Great Expectations as well as in Funny Bunny

Childhood and education

Olly Alexander Net Worth

Olly Alexander as a kid

Born on the 15th of July in 1990 in the beautiful city of Harrogate which is in Yorkshire was none other than but the popular musician and actor named Olly Alexander. He was born in the family of Vicki Thornton. His passion for music grew from his father who was by profession a co-founder of the popular music festival named Coleford Music Festival. Talking about his education, he completed his primary schooling at the popular school named St. John’s Primary School which is located in the place named Coleford. Completing his primary school he was enrolled in the Monmouth Comprehensive School, from where he completed his high schooling. Passing high school with flying colors he was enrolled in the esteemed institute of Hereford College where he acquired a degree in the Study of Arts that is mainly in performing arts.

In his high school, he played the role of major characters in the school play. His first role was in the popular play named Guys and Dolls. In this play, he portrayed the character named Benny with his acting. Soon enough he played the role of another major character in the popular show named The Caucasian Chalk Circle. In this play, he portrayed the role of the character named Corporal.


Olly Alexander Net Worth

Olly Alexander performing I wish I knew with Years & Years

Being passionate about acting he made his debut on the small screen in 2008. Her debut role was in the popular television movie named Summerhill. In the movie, he played the role of the character named Ned. In the following year that is in 2009, he made his debut on the big screen with the popular movie named Bright Star. The movie was under the genre of romantic drama. In the movie, he played the role of the character named Tom Keats who was by relation the brother of the popular poet named John Keats. Following the success of the movie, he made his debut in the popular show of television. His first who was the thriller-based detective drama show that aired on the popular channel named ITV. The show was titled Lewis. Being such a great artist he played the role of major characters in not one but three consecutive movies namely Tormented, Enter the Void, Dust.

Soon enough he started his music career in 2010. His initial step was to build the band with the renowned guitarist named Mikey Goldsworthy. Together they build the popular band named Years & Years. After some time, the band started growing which further included Emre Turkmen, Noel Leeman, and Oliver Subra. Shortly they released their debut song in their own voice which was not only catchy and interesting but also unique. With this, they released their debut single named I Wish I Knew. The song was released in 2012. Following the success of their previous single, they released their debut EP Traps. The song was released by a popular music-producing company named Kitsune Records. The album was released in September 2013.

Net Worth

Olly Alexander Net Worth

Olly Alexander Net Worth

Being such a talented artist, not only in the field of acting but also in the field of music is Olly Alexander. He earned his living from his great work as a singer and an actor. With all this, Olly Alexander holds a net worth of somewhere around $1.5million.

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Anurima Chowdhury is currently pursuing BA in English. She is a huge fan of pop culture and currently writes for OtakuKart as a contributor.


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