Off And Gun Will Carry Out A New Dangerous Mission In ‘Not Me’ The Series Episode 5

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Not Me The Series Episode 5
Not Me The Series 2021

Not Me The Series Episode 5 will reveal how Off and Gun carry out a new dangerous mission. In the latest episode, we see that Sean has become more suspicious about Black’s behavior. The once merciless Black having changed 180 degrees is indeed fishy! However, White barely manages to overcome those hindrances. After all, pretending Black is not as easy as he thought would be when Black has changed so much after years of separation. How will fate play the heartless next game in White and Sean’s lives?

The recent episode shows White and Sean face an unexpected attack when someone throws a tear gas bottle in their room only to find that it’s Gumpa who wanted to train them. Although it doesn’t harm them, it creates another trouble for White. Sean questions his noble act of saving him because, in the past, Black used to not care about anyone except himself. While investigating, White finds Eugene, Black’s ex-girlfriend. He indirectly asks Gram about her, only to find they have already broken up. With Tod’s encouragement, White meets Eugene while keeping his facade. Later, he secretly follows Eugene only to discover her meeting Gram, one of Black’s closest friends.

In the darkness of deception, a seed of doubt is growing day by day. How will White be able to continue his pretense? It seems secrets are uncovering little by little with the mask falling off people’s faces. Find out how White will root out the traitor while keeping his facade in Not Me The Series Episode 5!

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What To Expect In Ep 5 Of Not Me The Series?

The preview of Episode 5 of Not Me The Series shows White searching for more clues which may give more hints about the real culprit. With Gram and Eugene’s closeness, White has become more sure that Gram might be the one who hurt Black. Therefore, his secret investigation continues. Meanwhile, Sean finds it hard to ignore Black’s (White) strange behaviors. He even talks about it with Gumpa. Instead of doubting Black, Gumpa turns on Sean, saying he is taking extra interest in Black’s life. Soon, we will find more clues about the culprit but, White’s facade may fall into danger with Sean constantly getting suspicious of him.

Not Me The Series Episode 5

Then there is a new mission waiting for the boys! This time, the squad is getting ready to take down Tawi’s business unit! For that, Sean even asks Gumpa to train them hard since, unlike Tawi’s forest pension, the factory will be full of employees. It will be a challenging mission for them, more like walking through the fire. Despite that, White will not back off now.

Besides, a new member may join them. We all know Yok has been searching for UNAR for a while. Thus, in the upcoming episode, the two will finally cross paths when someone follows UNAR. Yok will save him and ask him to join his squad. Will UNAR join Yok’s gang and become a part of their dangerous missions? Or will he, once again, find a way to slip out of Yok’s hold? Find out how this political action chase continues in Not Me The Series Episode 5!

Not Me The Series Episode 5 Release Date

Not Me The Series Episode 5 will be released on 16 January 2022 at 8:30 pm ICT on GMM25. White has discovered Gram and Eugene’s secret relationship. According to his investigation, Gram and Eugene may be together behind Black’s back. And thus, to remove the only hindrance in their way, the pair may have something to do with Black’s attackers. However, is the sweet and caring Gram really the one who hurt Black? Or is the truth hidden under the layers of lies? Find out how White continues his investigation while understanding his twin brother’s underworld in every new episode of Not Me The Series, which airs every Sunday.

Not Me The Series Episode 5

Watch Not Me Thai Series Ep 5 Online- Streaming Details

Thai viewers can watch Not Me The Series on the GMM25 channel at 8:30 pm ICT. Furthermore, the episode simultaneously airs on AIS PLAY. In other nations, it will be out on the same day at 8:30 am in the USA, 1:30 pm in the UK, and 7 pm in India. On 17 January 2022, it will drop at 12:30 am in Australia. For Philippines fans, it is streaming on iWantTFC. As for global viewers, the Not Me Thai Series is also available on the official YouTube channel of GMM25.

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