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October Kpop Comebacks in 2021 That You Should Know About

Kpop October Kpop comebacks 2021
TWICE for "The Feels"

New Kpop music is coming your way. With September ending, and all of us walking into October, it’s time for you to add new Kpop tracks to your playlist. Down below, we will present you with the list of all the October Kpop Comebacks 2021 you should look forward to. In the upcoming month, expect new releases from rookie groups, as well as your favorite solo artists. From ENHYPEN to Nations girl group- TWICE- everyone is set to amaze you with their new music. So, are you ready to groove to the new October Kpop comeback?

Every month, Kpop groups release new tracks, albums, digital tracks, EP’s, and more for their fans. Moreover, admirers across the globe religiously wait for the list to come out. And, here we are with the latest one.

The upcoming month is going to be exciting for many Kpop fans. For instance, TWICE is releasing their all-English song- The Feels. On the other hand, new groups like ENHYPEN, LIGHTSUM, and TR:IBE is ready to steal the show. As per research, the fans are most excited to see the fourth generation group release new music. Thankfully, most of the artists on the list belong to the latest Kpop groups.

October Kpop Comebacks in 2021

October 1

  • TWICE to drop their highly-anticipated English track “The Feels.”

  • WEi to drop their new track “Starry Night” produced by dress.

October 5

  • SM Entertainment’s fire girl group AESPA will release their EP album, “Savage.” You can buy the album here on Amazon.
  • WOODZ will drop the title tracks – “Kiss of Fire” and “Waiting” for their 3rd Mini Album “ONLY LOVERS LEFT.”
  • GOT7’s Youngjae will be releasing the title track for his first solo album, “Album: The 1st Mini Album’ COLORS from Ars.”
  • Golden Child coming up with the repackaged version of Album: 2nd Album Repackage [DDARA].

October 6

  • BLITZERS to drop title track – “Will Make A Mistake” – from their Album: EP2′ SEAT-BELT’
  • N.Flying will also be releasing a title track. Sober from Album: 1st Album Repackage’ TURBULENCE’ to come out on October 6.

October 7

  • JO YURI’s “GLASSY” from Album: The 1st Single Album’ GLASSY’ will be a part of October Kpop comebacks 2021.
  • PIXY will release the title track, “Addicted,” from Album: The 2nd Mini Album ‘TEMPTATION.’
  • CRAXY to drop- Album: Chapter 1. GAIA

October 12

The most famous rookie groups at present- ENHYPEN and TRI.BE- will make their comeback.

Kpop October Kpop comebacks 2021

ENHYPEN (cr: BeLift)

  • ENHYPEN will release Album: DIMENSION: DILEMMA.
  • TRI.BE is set to drop their first extended play, Album: 1st Mini Album [VENI VIDI VICI]

October 13

  • Stray Kids will make a comeback with their Japanese EP.
  • LIGHTSUM will drop the title track- Light A Wish.

October 14

  • Peach Day will make its debut with Cotton Candy.
  • Giriboy to make a comeback.

October 21

  • KINGDOM will make a comeback with their 3rd mini album- History of Kingdom.

October 22

  • SEVENTEEN will release their 9th mini-album, “Attacca.” It is undoubtedly one of the much-awaited October Kpop comebacks. You can buy the album here on Amazon. 
Kpop October Kpop comebacks 2021

Attacca Teaser

  • 2NE1 former member CL will release +ALPHA. CL is the rare second-generation Kpop artist making a comeback next month.

October 26

  • EPEX is releasing their 2nd extended play- Album: 2nd EP Album BIPOLAR Pt. 2 Prelude of Love.

October 27

  • Wonho will make his Japanese debut with On The Way (Embrace).

Rumored and Not Announced Kpop Comebacks

Many other artists are rumored to come up with new music in October 2021. However, there is no confirmation from the respective artist and their agencies. The Not Announced and might be Coming soon October Kpop Comebacks 2021 are:

  • HOWZ
  • DreamNote
  • NCT New Unit (NCT Hollywood)
  • WD Trainees
  • BNK48
  • Rocking Doll
  • Purplebeck
  • DIA (?)
  • Secret Number
  • Monika
  • Kang Daniel
  • (G)I-dle
  • T-ARA
  • Big Dipper
  • RHEA
  • Black Level
  • CLC
  • JTG Entertainment New Boy Group
  • Yuehua Entertainment New Boy Group
  • IOK Company New Boy Group

Is there somebody we are missing out on? Also, which October KKpop comeback or release are you the most excited about?

September gave up some big hits from artists like ITZY, Lisa from Blackpink, Hyuna and Dawn’s first track as a couple, NCT’s Sticker, MONSTA’s X’s single, and many more. Hence, our excitement is doubled for October.

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