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Ocelot Pariah GTA V: Everything you need to Know

Ocelot Pariah GTA V: Everything you need to know
Ocelot Pariah

What is the Ocelot Pariah in Grand Theft Auto V? There are plenty of fun vehicles in the game. Some vehicles like the cheeky little Invade & Persuade bring a little more flavor and fun to GTA Online. There are also cars like Ocelot Pariah that make a game full of adventure and a treat for all the gamers that are speed freaks. The Ocelot Pariah is one of the vehicles that can be ideal for pampering players and finishing enemies.

Although not all missions require a fast car and a regular vehicle can also get the job done. Some players are time-sensitive, so they might opt for a fast vehicle, while some see if the car is optimal in handling and others. The determination of how fast the car is cannot be just by speed factor but several others too. The task to which the vehicle is assigned too should also be considered.

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What is GTA Online?

Grand Theft Auto Online is a multiplayer game online and belongs to an action-adventure genre. It is a development of Rockstar North and a publication of Rockstar Games. The games were initially released on 1 October 2013 for a console like PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game was then further released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 18 November 2014, and then on 14 April 2015, it was released for Microsoft Windows. GTA Online will also be available for next-gen consoled like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, and the date for release is set somewhere near March 2022. The game is Grand Theft Auto V, but it’s an online version.

Ocelot Pariah GTA V: Everything you need to know

GTA Online

The game is set in an open world, and players can roam freely in the city of San Andreas. And the environment has countryside and a city known as Los Santos. Players are in control of a protagonist who is on the path to become the strongest and powerful, building an empire, and completing various tasks. Thy events of the game are set after the events of the single-player campaign. Cooperative missions are also available and need to be completed to advance. There is also the availability of different heists and purchasing of businesses.

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What is the Ocelot Pariah in GTA Online?

The infamous Ocelot Pariah that is featured in GTA Online has a keen resemblance to the Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato. The headlights and grille of the car have a similar resemblance to the Ferrari 812 Superfast and Ferrari Portofino. The performance of the car is excellent, and no other car in the game is as fast as this car. The car is recorded to have a top speed of 110 mph/177 km/h in stock mode. The car is sure to attain the top place via this performance. It is also upgradable, and the Ocelot Pariah can even be made better from its stock model for increasing its speed and acceleration.

Ocelot Pariah GTA V: Everything you need to know

Ocelot Pariah

When the car has an Upgrade 1 for EMS, then the car speed increases to 112 mph/180 km/h. For Upgrade 2 of EMS, the car top speed reaches a 115 mph/185.11 km/h mark. For Upgrade 3 for EMS, the car then attains a top speed of 120 mph/193.1 km/h. Lastly, for the Upgrade 4 of EMS, the Ocelot Pariah reports a top speed of 126 mph/202.8 km/h. The only cars that can outspeed Ocelot Pariah in terms of speed are the cars that are assisted by boosts like the Vigilante and the BF400 during a wheelie. Ocelot Pariah has good handling, and also driving seems quite easy. The wheels of this car seem to be very smooth, which makes it almost sail over rocks and bumps. The Ocelot Pariah can be purchased on GTA Online via Legendary Motorsport for $1,420,000.

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What are Vehicles like in GTA V?

Grand Theft Auto V has a diverse amount of vehicles and features more vehicles than any other game in the franchise ever. This gives the players a sense of realistic feeling. The game has a diverse amount of cars, airplanes, helicopters, utilities, emergency vehicles, and many others. Players can even fly a plane that was not available in the previous game in the franchise, namely GTA IV, due to the small map. GTA V having a large map constitutes a larger amount of features and vehicles. The new part of this game is that there is also the incorporation of submarines that allows players to explore the depths of oceans. There is also Rhino, a tank, but in this game, the aim of the tank is a bit more complex. A car can also be flipped when in case of an accident, it falls upside down.

Ocelot Pariah GTA V: Everything you need to know

Vehicles in GTA V and Online

Like previous games in franchise history, there are several vehicles driven around the map, and the player can even steal them. To give a more realistic feel to the game, players can even engage in conversation with pedestrians. In case of an accident, ambulance and police also arrive, which gives this game a more realistic feel too. This feature was although present in GTA IV but was not executed as neatly as in GTA V. Vehicles can be modified and stored in garages that can be bought around different places in Los Santos. There is also the availability of jets that are fully armed and equipped.

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