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O Block Net Worth: What Will The Most Dangerous Block Of Chicago Cost Lil Durk?

Welcome to O’ Block wears the crown King Von’s highest-charting album making its place on number 5 of the Billboard 200. However, King Von, the creator of O’Block, fell into his demise a week after the album was launched. King Von’s last album was called O Block because he was once an area named Parkway Garden Homes, commonly known as the O Block. It is listed as one of the most dangerous areas in Chicago. And its common name changed to O Block after the first victimOdee Perry of the block was murdered.

Due to increasing crime in the area government has decided to disinvest their asset. And O Block is on sale. Parkway Garden Homes were the first African-American commercial venture. To provide affordable homes for so-called black families. Even Michelle Obama, the first lady, use to dwell in an apartment in Parkway. As gang activity developed in the neighborhood in the 21st century, Parkway Garden Homes converted the center of Chicago’s most violent blocks.

What Is O Block?

O Block: The Most Dangerous Block Of Chicago.

It is the most firings of any block in Chicago between June 2011 and June 2014. Many of these shootings happened in 2011-12, and city police report that brutality at the complex has steadily declined since. The violence mainly arises from gang rivalries between the Black Disciples and Gangster Disciples, who control regions near the block.

Was King Von A Part Of Gangs In O Block

King Von spent a lot of time at the O Block before becoming successful, and death also reflects; That he had some connection with the dark world of these gangs. However, Kin Von was very open about his connections with the gang as he used to talk about it in his music and songs. Kin Von was cold-bloodedly murdered in the street of Atlanta at the success party of his recent album “Welcome to O’Block.” He was shot, and one of the reasons for his death tracebacks to his connection with the gangs. Still, there is no verdict on Kin Von’s death. On the other hand, they have a suspect who used to be Kin Von’s friend.

King Von’s best buddy Lil Durk wants to buy the Parkway Garden Homes, aka O Block. He tweeted from his official tweeter account that he will buy the piece of land no matter what. Lil Durk’s fans believe that he wants to buy the O Block to pay tribute to his fallen friend King Von. However, authorities suspect that King Von had a very strong connection with the gangs on the O Block and Lil Durk knows something about it. It is suspected that Lil Durk wants to protect his friend’s reputation. So, he is willing to buy out the place and hide all the traces.

It is a very sensitive matter in the ers of Black Lives Matter authorities can’t wrongly accuse a black man with millions of followers. Neither can they find any connection between the gangs and King Von’s death. The only song point to back their case is King Von’s art that always said that the gangs are violent for a reason. And there is a story behind every rebel.

Parkway Garden Homes/ O Block On Sale

As authorities have opened O Block for sale, but they haven’t revealed its Net Worth yet. However, O Block’s net worth is around $80 Million. On the other hand, Lil Durk’s net worth is estimated at around $3 Million. So he can’t afford it. However, he is waiting for the authorities to reveal the prices, and he is desperate to name the property to his name. Lil Durk’s desperation is making the authorities more suspicious.

King Von’s last album was dedicated to the Parkway Garden Home/ O Block called “Welcome To The O Block.” the album is one of the most played albums of the year, with the fifth position on Billboard 200. Lul Durk was also a resident of O Block, and he talks about his struggles in his songs. He said in one of his interviews that not every rebel is wrong. However, now his statements and lyrics can backfire him as the authority is aiming for him.

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