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Preview: Nurses Season 2 Episode 8

Nurses season 2 is nearly on the verge of its finale and surely everyone has their mixed feelings about this fact. It is because, on one hand, we will finally get to understand the story better but it will also take away the pleasure of watching this show regularly. It is a Canadian drama series that started airing on Global back in 2020 and is a medical drama show. There is obviously a lot that is going on the show for a while now. Previously, we have seen that St. Mary’s come across the Amber Alert going off and it develops confusion among the character.

As it so happens, the nurses are yet not aware of the fact that the child who is getting abducted is in the hospital at that moment. Later, Grace and Matteo come across this little kid out on his own way during the night time and he is who leads them back to his house. We see that Markie visits Wolf which means that she is willing to give him one last chance to make up for all the drugs that he has lost. Then we witnessed that Grace and Ashley are having a conflict over a high-profile surgical case. They are arguing about whether or not the surgeon will be able to perform the surgery in an apt manner.

Later they had to come together despite their conflict owing to a mass casualty event. This enables them to make it up to each other in ways have not really thought about before. Wolf comes in back to work. He has set his goals and wants to have a fresh start. It has obviously been a lot for him with the whole drug scenario and he surely needs to get his mind off of things. Back in the seventh episode of the series titled Prima Facie which was released on the 8th of August, we witness that Ashley is stuck between two options. She has to be a busy obstetrician as well as give attention to her insistent midwife.

Nurses Season 2 Episode 8

A still from Nurses Season 2

Hereby, she is also assisting a pregnant patient with a breech baby. Ashley wants her to have the birth experience she always wanted to have. This episode proved to be a tough one for Ashley. St Mary’s was currently seen having a nursing week. All the characters come to acknowledge the fact that people actually do not show what they are inside and everybody has a hidden side to them. Well, this ought to be all with the recap of the show. We shall now discuss the plot that lies for us with the next episode.

Nurses Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date & Where To Stream

Nurses season 2 episode 8 release date is set for the 15th of August 2021 and will schedule a lot of drama. The title of this entry is Best Day Ever which suggests that we might have some good happening. The episode is supposed to release on Global for all the people living in Canada. If you reside in the United States and want to watch it, then the air happens on NBC. It is available to watch live on platforms such as YouTube TV as well as Fubo TV and DirecTV. Apple TV Plus will soon enlist this series on their streaming service as well.

Nurses Season 2 Episode 8 Spoilers

Now, there is obviously a lot to unveil from the next episode of the series and thus, we can expect a lot to happen. Hereby, we will mention some spoilers regarding the show. If these make anyone uncomfortable, please feel free to skip this section over. In Nurses season 2 episode 8, we will see Naz and Grace majorly who are assigned to the Burn Unit.

But they are having a hard time with their job when they come to find out that their friends disagree over the issue of a patient and to deal with them. A critically burnt person walks in and they might actually lose their will to live if the team does not give them enough moral support. Later, we see that a pandemic is on the edge for them and before it all happens, they try to hope for the best.

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