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Now, We Are Breaking Up: Trailer Out Featuring Jang Ki Yong

Now, We Are Breaking Up: Trailer Revealed Featuring Jang Ki Yong
Now, We Are Breaking Up

Portraying the genres of romance and drama, the South Korean series “Now, We Are Breaking Up” has put the internet on the buzz with its official trailer release. The romantic drama is going to be released soon enough, and there is no hiding the fact that all the K-drama fans out there are waiting eagerly for the same. We are all in all sure that this new release by the show’s creator has quenched the thirst of many out there who were counting days for the actual release to happen.

The trailer release has not only fumed the flames of the internet regarding the show but also has given out many hints about the plot of the show. Produced by Ahn Je-hyun, Shin Sang-yeon, and Jeong Cheol-seung, the show has gathered an appreciative number of fans even before its release. And, that’s a very exciting and interesting detail to mention.

We are here to tell you about this new exciting trailer that has come up and figure out all the show’s spoilers we can get out from the same. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s have a quick look inside and find out all the needed details.

Now, We Are Breaking Up: Release Date & Where to Watch

The show is scheduled to be released on 12 November 2021. Well, that’s not long and is just one month from now. The show will air its new episodes every Friday and Saturday at 22:00 KST.

As per many reports floating out there on the internet, there will be a total of 16 episodes in the show, each with a running duration of 70 minutes.

Now, We Are Breaking Up: Trailer Revealed Featuring Jang Ki Yong

Jang Ki-yong

The series is directed by Lee Gil-bok and written by Je In. It is under the production of Samhwa Networks, and the original distribution is being done by SBS. The budget of the show too is a “worth-it” number, and we surely expect the show’s success to also be a “worth-it” one.

You can catch up on the drama with platforms like Viki, Viu, and SBS TV.

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Now, We Are Breaking Up: Cast and Production:

The show’s cast has been one of the main attractions for everyone.

We are going to see Song Hye-Kyo in the role of Ha Yeong-eun, who is a daughter of Kang Jung-ja and Ha Taek-soo. She is seen as a design team leader of “The One” a fashion company.

Next, we are going to meet Jang Ki-yong, playing the character of a freelance fashion photographer named Yoon Jae-gook. There is Choi Hee-so playing the role of Hwang Chi-sook, who is the design director of “The One” and also the daughter of CEO Hwang.

Then the last in the main roles are Kim Joo-hun in the role of Seok Do-hoon, who is a representative of the talented PR company.

Now, We Are Breaking Up: Trailer Revealed Featuring Jang Ki Yong

Song Hye-Kyo

All the four characters and the actors playing them are being loved by everyone on the internet, and especially the latter are being admired for their parts in the show.

Song Hye-Kyo last appeared in “Encounter,” a 2018 TV series. Therefore, her fans are especially more excited about her comeback as a protagonist in the drama.

Moreover, after 7 years of break, Yoon Jung-hee is making a very expected comeback through the series. She was last seen in the 2014’s drama titled “The Eldest”. So, it is quite expected to see that her fans are literally breaking down the internet with all the excitement.

We are going to see Nam Gi-ae, Choi Hong-il, Oh Se-hun, Kim Eun-se, Kim Do-geon, Yura, Shin Dong-wook in the supporting roles with others.

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Now, We Are Breaking Up: Plot and Trailer

The plot of the romantic drama narrates the story about love; and break-ups in a world full of different kinds of love. The story is set in the fashion industry where we meet beautiful and talented Ha Yeong-eun, who is a team leader of the design department of “The One” a fashion company, and Yoon Jae-gook, who is a handsome and rich freelancer photographer.

There haven’t been many spoilers out there about the show except short synopsis, and the wait is going to be certainly over soon with the release of the show next month.

For now, have a look at the trailer below.

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