‘Not Me’ The Series Episode 4 Reveals A New Shade Of White, Ready To Fight Against Injustice

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Not Me The Series Episode 4
Not Me The Series 2021

Not Me The Series Episode 4 is delayed, and thus, fans will have to wait for more than a week to witness the new shade of White! Since it is a BL series, many viewers may only want romance between OffGun. However, Not Me is more than just a BL. It is a socio-political drama that follows today’s law and youth’s fierce struggle against injustice and unfair ruling with a perfect touch of romance. Off-Gun’s making each episode intense with their sizzling chemistry and their outstanding acting, especially the recent episode, which has brought a little twist in their relationship!

The latest episode reveals how the gang members find Black’s (White) behavior unusual, especially Sean and Gumpa. Although both think it is an aftershock of the fire incident, their suspicion growing day by day. Gumpa even wants White to stay in the garage and train harder to be the older version of Black. Meanwhile, White is drifting apart from his father due to the different perspectives. He even has left his house and staying at the garage with Sean, in Sean’s room! Thus, Not Me The Episode 4 will uncover a new side of White, a bolder and stronger one!

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Recap Of Ep 3 – White Learns The Gospel Behind Black’s Vicious World

Ep 3 of Not Me The Series shows that White learns about the unfairness of the fair world he lives in. He understands many people don’t even get an opportunity to prove themselves, only because they are not from wealthy families who have connections, unlike him. Therefore, during his diplomatic interview, he answers honestly, which does not impress the interviewers. But, they still hire him, knowing his father’s connection. Meanwhile, Black’s friends have begun to suspect White’s strange behavior, especially Sean and Gumpa. However, they also think it must be an aftershock of the fire incident. To get back on White for flicking his head, Sean and White combat, which eventually lands White flat on the floor with a runny bloody nose. Witnessing his friend in such a worst condition, Gumpa orders him to stay at the garage and train harder to be the previous fearless Black. 

Not Me The Series Episode 4
Sean and White

On the other side, Yok continues searching for the mysterious painter named UNAR. He learns that UNAR keeps his real identity anonymous, making it difficult to find him. However, surprisingly, Yok discovers UNAR’s new art piece, which brings them face to face, but UNAR threatens him and slips away.

Moving to White, After understanding he is also one of those who get privilege because of their family name, White leaves his father’s house and decides to stay at the garage. Gumpa makes him share the room with Sean where White tries to find some clue about his brother’s attacker only get caught by Sean. Thus, find out how White leads his secret mission to root out the traitor in Not Me The Series Episode 4!

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Not Me The Series Episode 4 Release Date & Preview

Not Me The Series Episode 4 will be released on 9 January 2022 at 8.30 pm ICT on the GMM25 channel. Originally, Episode 4 was supposed to be aired on 2 January 2022. However, due to some New Year special program, Episode 4 has been postponed to 9 January 2022. Therefore, fans should note the upcoming episode’s changes. 

Finally, White Embracing The Darkness Of Black’s World 

The preview of Not Me The Series Episode 4 is already dropped! It seems trouble will be knocking on the door as someone throws a tear gas can in Sean’s room where he and White are staying. With that happening, the gang will not put up anymore. They are ready to fight! It also reveals White will find that someone is after Black. Who could it be? The same person who attacked Black? Or a new enemy? This time, boys will be stronger than before because now White is with them voluntarily! He is willing to risk and punish the wrongdoers, especially Tawi! He even asks the members if they can do something more dangerous than their previous act!

Finally, White has gathered the courage to fight against injustice. However, he is not alone. He has Sean, Yok, Gram, and Gumpa, who will stand with him till the end! The upcoming episode will be a major turning point in the story. It seems White has ultimately learned to accept Black’s underground world and even began to understand his brother’s dangerous acts. But will he really be able to embrace this darkness? Will he fight corruption alone? Will Sean be there for him? Watch and see how White continues his duality with Sean’s support in Not Me The Series Episode 4!  

Watch Not Me Thai Series Ep 4 Online- Streaming Details

For Thai viewers, it is available on GMM25 at 8.30 pm ICT. Also, the episode will simultaneously be streaming on AIS PLAY. As for the other national, the episode will drop on the same day at 7 pm in India, 8.30 am in the USA, and 1.30 pm in the UK. On 10 January 2022, it will release at 12.30 am in Australia. The series is also available on an online platform called iWantTFC, accessible only in the Philippines. International viewers can watch the Not Me Thai Series on GMM25’s Official YouTube channel.

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