‘Not Me’ Episode 11 Release Date: Will White Reveal the Secret of Being Black’s Twin to Sean?

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‘Not Me Episode 11’: Will White Reveal the Secret of Being Black’s Twin to Sean?
Not Me Episode 11

‘Not Me Episode 11’ is going to hit the screens soon enough. Everyone out there is quite eager about the upcoming events of the show. The turmoil in the relationship between White and Sean has left them on a dangerous edge. Black meddling inside their blooming relationship has created a mess. And now all the fans out there are speculating White to spill out the truth to Sean and make everything alright.

But, will Sean believe him after everything that the real Black did to him pretending to be White? The answer to this will be revealed in the upcoming episode of the show. Moreover, the plan for the destruction of Tawi has taken an unexpected pause as his men broke into the gang’s garage catching all of them off-guard. Therefore, what will happen next?

Here we have summarized all the necessary details about the upcoming eleventh episode of the show. Therefore, let’s take a quick skim inside.

‘Not Me’ Episode 11 Spoilers & Recap

In the previous episode of the show, the situation took a drastic turn. Todd ended up finding out about Black’s disappearance from the hospital and enquired White about it. And now Black is going to go to his place and maybe beat the crap out of him.

He asks White to step back into his old life and stop interfering in any activities of the gang. Everyone can see the fierceness and kind of malicious hints in Black’s eyes while White’s were telling a completely different story.

‘Not Me Episode 11’: Will White Reveal the Secret of Being Black’s Twin to Sean?
Todd and White

White goes to meet their mother as Black. There she asks him to leave all this planning behind as he is going to get nothing out of it. Though, White holds his ground. Everyone, including White, is left shocked when she points out that she knows that it is White, not Black, sitting there with her.

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On the other side, we saw Sean practicing his fighting skills with Gumpa, where the latter suggests that he should involve the police in their plan for exposing his drug locations to the public. Sean seems hesitant about this as he has not so good about them in his mind. At the same time, Yok came in and proposed the idea of adding Dan to their gang.

One thing leads to another, and we see them breaking each other’s noses in the fighting ring. At first, Yok took the lead, but soon Sean defeated him with a strong blow.

‘Not Me Episode 11’: Will White Reveal the Secret of Being Black’s Twin to Sean?
Not Me Episode 10

Everyone gets literal chills when Black meets Sean as White. The sincerity and adoration in Sean’s eyes when he was confessing to Black made everyone bawl their eyes out. As expected, he gets rejected in a very harsh way by Black, who punches him unconscious. All in all, it was a pure heartbreaking moment for all the White and Sean shippers out there.

We see a wounded Sean apologizing to Yok and asking him to bring Dan into the plan. They all gather for a team meeting except Black and plan out the raid. Though everything turns into a mess when Tawi’s men attack the garage and shoot them in which Sean gets the hit on his arm. With the help of Gram’s smoke bomb, they all manage to escape, but Sean being the wounded one, is not able to move very fast and ends up getting trapped.

‘Not Me Episode 11’: Will White Reveal the Secret of Being Black’s Twin to Sean?
Sean and White

Though, White steals the moment and saves Sean from getting killed or caught. We can see him dragging Sean out of the garage. And the question that now hangs in midair is that “How will Sean react to him after all the mess that his twin brother has created?”

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Watch Not Me Episode 11 Online – Streaming Details

Not Me Episode 11 is going to air at 8:30 PM ICT, and all the domestic viewers can watch it on the channel GMM25. Also, the international audience can catch up on this new upcoming episode on the YouTube channel of GMM25.

‘Not Me’ Episode 11 Release Date

‘Not Me Episode 11’ will premiere on February 27, 2022. The upcoming episode is going to bring in a lot of twists and tensions. The new plan is being crafted out against Tawi, and now Dan being part of it has increased its success rate by a lot.

The tension between White and Sean has increased, and now with Black back on his spot is making it ten times harder. There are hundreds of speculations and theories going around the internet regarding the same. While many are expecting White to tell the whole story to Sean, others are afraid of its outcome.

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