‘Not Me’ Episode 10 Release Date: Black Is Back On His Original Spot Sidelining White

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‘Not Me Episode 10’: Black Back On His Original Spot Sidelining White
Not Me Episode 10

‘Not Me Episode 10’ is going to hit the screens soon enough. Cliffhangers from the previous episode have left everyone on edge. They are eagerly waiting for this new release to happen, and the day is getting closer. Many shocking revelations took place in the previous episode of the series. A series of unexpected events have taken place, which has left everyone shell shocked.

The newly bloomed relationship between White and Sean has taken everyone’s attention, and undeniably everyone is in love with the duo. But now, with Black being back from his coma, everyone is speculating many downs in their relationship.

Dan has promised Yok that he will help him with the situation with Tawi. But will he get accepted into the gang? The question will be answered in the next episode. Here we have summarized all the necessary details about the upcoming tenth episode of the show. Therefore, let’s take a quick skim inside.

‘Not Me’ Episode 9 Recap

Sean & Black (White)

The duo has formed a very adorable bond between them. From kissing each other to sharing each other’s problems, they have developed both physical and emotional intimacy. It has been a rollercoaster for them, and now with their relationship in place, they were hoping for the best.

Black (White) has still not revealed his real identity to Sean, but the guilt is somehow eating him alive from inside. They have spent nights with each other, and their bond turned into something special when Sean took him to the spot where Gramp taught him about fearlessness and his goals.

‘Not Me Episode 10’: Black Back On His Original Spot Sidelining White
Sean and Black (White)

Namo has found out about their relationship after she caught them being extremely touchy and kissing each other. It was a heartbreaking situation for her, but she walked away saying that it was not a big deal. It was obvious for everyone that the situation was a very big deal for her as she loved Sean.

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Yok & Dan

The growing closeness between them has left everyone feeling giddy. We see Yok taking Dan on a dinner date where the latter shows him his first painting. When asked about the story behind the painting, Dan said that it was an experience he would never forget. The art depicted the day he killed someone for the first time. It was a shot he took in self-defense, but it left him feeling guilty, and his emotions were all over the place.

‘Not Me Episode 10’: Black Back On His Original Spot Sidelining White
Dan and Yok

He explained that he wanted to help people and wait for the right time when Yok asked him why he had not left his job and did something he really liked. The next thing we saw was Yok being followed by an unidentified man. At the right time, Dan pulls up with his car and helps him in getting away from the situation. He explains that maybe Tawi’s men are following all of his friends and him, and thus they need to be careful. And it was a dangerous and heartwarming moment when Dan offered to help him and his friends to be safe.

Black & White

The most extreme revelation of the previous episode was Black waking up from his coma state. He ran away from the hospital and reached his apartment, which was being used by White.

We saw White (Black) receiving a call from his mother asking him to come and meet her. It was through her he got to know about his twin brother’s state. And therefore, he ran back to the apartment, excusing himself from Sean.

‘Not Me Episode 10’: Black Back On His Original Spot Sidelining White
Black and White

Entering inside, he finds a big mess in his room. And then Black appears. They talk, and the moment is surreal yet freighting. White explains the situation to his brother and reveals that he joined the gang taking his place when he slipped into a coma to find out the person who hurt him. This revelation leaves Black stunned, and he asks White to sideline himself from everything.

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Watch Not Me Episode 10 Online – Streaming Details

For all the domestic audience out there GMM25 channel is the stop. The episode airs at 8:30 PM ICT. For the online domestic streamers, AIS PLAY is the spot. Moreover, the official YouTube channel of GMM25 is the platform for all the international viewers out there.

Not Me Episode 10 Release Date

‘Not Me’ Episode 10 will premiere on February 20, 2022. Indeed, the previous episode of the show has been nerve-wracking for everyone out there. With Black back in the frame, everything is definitely going to get a lot messy. The situation is going to take several new turns, and various speculations are going around about the same.

Not Me
Black and Sean

The questions that hang in midair are “What will happen with this newfound relationship between Sean and White?”, “How will Sean react to the truth when it is spilled?”, “Will Black get back with Eugene?”, “Are Tawi’s men really following them?”.

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