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Nomad: Megalo Box Season 2 Episode 7: Release Date & Preview

Nomad Megalo Box 2
Nomad Megalo Box 2

The fighters strive to reach their dreams and save their town. Nomad has recently found that Sachio has joined underground boxing. The kids that he used to take care of started working to earn for living. He realizes that leaving the town was the worst mistake he ever made. But Sachio punished him and called a doctor to take care of him. In the morning, Nomad watches Sachio’s first boxing match that Sachio got beaten. Nomad: Megalo Box  Season 2 is also known as MEGALOBOX Season 2: NOMAD.

Nomad confronts Sachio after realizing that the way he fights will make him lose all of his fights. Sachio rejects Nomad’s offer since he was still furious that Nomad had been away for a long time. The next day Nomad head to the river to fetch water with two baskets. He saw a biker boy and realizes that he knows this boy. After recalling the biker boy’s name, he calls him Bonjiri. Bonjiri tried to run away, but his bike didn’t engine didn’t start. Nomad confronts Bonjiri asking him if he is really Bonjiri that he knows.

Previously on Nomad: Megalo Box Season 2 Episode 6

Bonjiri keeps quiet, and Nomad realizes that he needs a push. Nomad helps Bonjiri for his bike engine to run. After Bonjiri has left, he let the flyer of his Chines store flies towards Nomad. Nomad picks up the flyer and realizes that Bonjiri is inviting him to Ichibaya, Affordable Chines Food, Number 1 in taste. Meanwhile, at Affordable Chines Food Ichibay, Sachio and the other kids are planning to invite Nomad for a welcome back party. Nomad is not aware of the party; he thinks that he is invited to taste food.

Welcome Party

Nomad Megalo Box 2

Nomad Megalo Box 2

One of the kids comments that the headline will read, ”After Five Years the Legendary Champion, Gearless Joe Returns After Being Defeated by Liu and Disappearing.” The boy comments that they will become rich if they get an interview with Joe, who changed his name to Nomad. He feels like it will be like a house party of the reporters, and the truth about the missing boxer will be revealed in public. Sachio and Ochio look at the boy and wonder if he is daydreaming. Ochio asks Santa if he is serious.

Ochio reminds Santa that Nomad has abandoned them for many years. Santa replies that he is unlike the other, and he doesn’t remember being abandoned. Sachio scolds Santa, and Santa fires back. Sachio got furious, realizing that Santa is mocking his fighting skills. Santa told Sachio to make his way up to an official match if he has problems with that. He also told him that would make him a great reporter and write an article about Sachio. Sachio realizes that Santa is defending Nomad.

One punk and his Boss arrive, telling the boys to give him a beer. The boys were like, who the hell is this guy who runs in and demands them like that. The punk told them to hurry up and do what Boss is saying. Ochio looks for the Bos favorite bear; Santa told the punk that the owner is out on delivery work. Ochio serves them their beers and told them that the owner would be back soon. The punk grabbed Ochio’s hand and told him to entertain him until the owner is back. He squeezed Ochio’s hand, who told him that he is in the wrong shop.

Legendary Champion

Nomad Megalo Box 2

Nomad Megalo Box 2

Sachio shouts at the punk, telling him to let go of her. The punk realizes that Ochio is a girl. He asks if Ochio is Sachio’s girl, Schio re0plies that she doesn’t belong to anyone and he must let her go. Boss calls the punk Kunimura and told him to leave the girl. He realized that he had seen Sachio somewhere. Boss reveals that Sachio is one of the boxers from Drunk Monk. Kunimura can’t believe that the kid is a Megalo Box fighter. Bonjiri arrives, and Kunimuara told him to bring another two beers.

Boss comments that he is paying for one beer and Sachio too a bottle of beer. He hits Kunimaru with a bottle on his head. Kunimaru starts to bleed while rolling on the floor. Boss and Kunimaru ran away and told Sachio that he would pay. Bonjiro told Sachio that this is bad. Sachio replies that he can’t let them run their shop. Later, Nomad finds that the boys are beaten, and he accepted a boxing match. The fans thought the legendary fighter has returned, but he got knockdown and lose their money.

The fans comment that Joe is a loser and he should not have returned. They throw the money inside the ring. Later, Sachio finds that Joe got knockdown and comments that it can’t happen. Joe arrives and apologizes to Sachio and that he lost the match. They both reunite even though Nomad got knockdown for avenging their beatings.

Nomad: Megalo-Box Season 2 Episode 7 Release Date

Nomad: Megalo Box Season 2 Episode 7 will be released on Sunday, 16 May 2021, at 11:00 PM JST. You can watch Megalo Box Season 2 online,  AnimeLab, and Funimation.

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