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Spoilers: Nomad: Megalo Box Season 2 Episode 10

Nomad Megalo Box Season 2

Liu has recently got defeated by Mac, and he got hospitalized since Mac has used killer blow to KO Liu. In the morning, Nomad work with Bonjiro and Sachio preparing Gym Nowhere. They talked about Liu and Mac’s fight. Nomad wonders what happened, which makes Lui got defeated with a killer move. Sachio commenters that Lui dominated the battle, but Mac comeback in the last round. Nomad reveals that Lui is recovering from the hospital, and he will visit Lui in the morning.

Meanwhile, Yukiko visited ROSCO and met with Mac’s boss. They talked about a chip that got inset on Mac to boost his strength during the match. Yukiko told the boss that Mac’s health is in danger and he is not ready to fight. Mac’s boss realizes that he has to do something to get Mac back to the ring so that he won’t run out of business. The two talked about how they will take care of Mac, and Mac’s boss heads out. On his way, the boss met with Osami and reminded her to do her job.

Previously on Nomad: Megalo Box Season 2 Episode 9

Osamu confronts Yukiko and reminds her that what she is doing with Mac’s boss will make ROSCO fall. Yukiko replies that she will take one step at a time. Mac watches the repeat of his match with Liu at his home. Oicho talked with his father about the game, and Mac replies that watching replay makes him more robust. Ochio witnessed the moment where her father got dominate by Liu and comments that she hates that part. Mac switched off the tv and headed out to talk with his boss.

Meanwhile, Sachio has won another fight inside the underground boxing. Nomad’s man tried to stop Sachio from continuing with the boxing matches. But Sachio refuses since he has a goal. Later Nomad visits Liu and finds that Liu got paralyzed and won’t be fighting for a long time. Nomad console Liu that he will recover and get back to the ring. Liu replies that he will have his first match with Nomad the moment he recovers from the hospital.

Mac and his boss had a meeting and talked about his health. Mac’s boss asks him about his health, and Mac reveals that he doesn’t sleep, and his head keeps on aching. Mac told the boss about retirement, and the boss didn’t like that idea. Boss reminds Mac why he joined boxing.

Mac’s Boss

Nomad Megalo Box Season 2

Nomad Megalo Box Season 2

Mac realizes that he got inspired by Gearless Joe’s first fight, and Mac would have been roaming in streets if his boss didn’t help him. Mac learns that his boss has saved his life, and he has to fight for his boss for the last time. The two had a deal, and they’re about to announce breaking news worldwide. Later, Nomad visits the graveyards and finds Sachio paying his last respect. Sachio scolds Nomad for coming to the cemetery, and he punched him.

He told Nomad that Pops died because of him. Sachio had a flashback where Pops passed in front of him. The day Pops to Sachio about his secret and that he must no tell Nomad that secret. Sachio kept that secret until today Nomad returns, and he tried to make Nomad go away. Nomad pays his last respect to Pops’ grave, and Sachio realizes that Nomad cares about everyone. When Nomad is inside the house, Bonjiro and Ochio reveal Sachio’s true feelings towards Nomad.

The next day, Mac read a story for his daughter about The Hummingbird and Nomad. The tale explains how Nomad began his boxing as Gearless Joe and changed his name to Nomad. Later Mac’s boss shocked the world by challenging Nomad to return to the ring as Gearless Joe. The news spread worldwide, and Nomad realizes that Mac is responsible for Liu’s condition. The reporters wonder if Nomad will accept the challenge. Mac’s boss is glad that he has created the biggest fight ever in boxing history.

Nomad: Megalo Box Season 2 Episode 10 Release Date

Nomad: Megalo Box Season 2 Episode 10 will release on Sunday, 6 June 2021, at 11:00 PM JST. You can watch Megalo Box Season 2 online on AnimeLab.

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