Noh Jung Ui Talks About Her Character In Our Beloved Summer, Love For Variety Shows, and Choi Woo Shik

Noh Jung Eui
Noh Jung Eui cr: Namoo Actors

Noh Jung Ui is making headlines with her amazing acting in ‘Our Beloved Summer‘ that warmed up all our hearts this winter. Furthermore, Noh Jung Ui was born on the 30th of July in 2021, making her only twenty years old. Despite her young age, Noh Jung Ui has managed to make a name for herself in the kdrama industry.  Noh Jung Ui is no stranger to the spotlight because she has been on and off the silver screen for a long time now. Countless times while watching kdramas, the performances put forth by the child actors has us in aww. Noh Jung Ui too was a child actor and has been on television since 2010.

She played the role of little Jang Man Ok in Full House Take 2 in 2012 and also played the younger version of Park Shin Hye in the hit drama Pinnochio. Her first main role in a kdrama was as Da Jeong in The Great Show starring Song Seung Hun and Lee Su Bin. The show kickstarted her career and since then she has appeared in many popular K series such as The Flower In Prison, 18 Again, and Kill It. However, it is her recent role as the sassy yet classy idol NJ in Our Beloved Summer that has made her the talk of the town.

Basking in all the praises following the wrap-up of Our Beloved Summer, Noh Jung  Ui sat down in an interview to talk about her career, her experience on working with Choi Woo Shik, and more. Let us find out what she had to say!

Noh Jung Ui Talks About Her Our Beloved Summer Character ‘NJ’

Our Beloved Summer is one of the best shows that we were blessed with, in the year 2021. Starring Choi Woo Shik (The Boy Next Door), Kim Da Mi ( Itaewon Class), Kim Sung Chul (Do You Like Brahms?), and the unforgettable Noh Jung Ui. Furthermore, Our Beloved Summer is a sweet coming of age story centered around two high school sweethearts whose relationship did not end well. However, when a documentary they shot back in high school becomes popular Yeon Soo and Choi Woong have to face each other yet again. What ensues is complicated feelings and love unrequited for some and mutual for others. In this drama, Noh Jung Ui plays the character of ‘NJ’ who is a popular idol. Despite the fame, NJ is good at heart.

She develops feelings for Choi Woong. Although sparks fly between them at first, things get complicated when Choi Woong’s ex shows up in their life. A spoiler for those who have not watched the drama is that Choi Woong does in fact not end up with NJ and chooses Da Mi instead.

Noh Jung Eui Interview
Noh Jung Eui cr: Namoo Actors

Despite being a second female lead and also an idol, NJ’s character did not come off as annoying for even a second. And if you have been a kdrama fan for some time now, you will know that ‘second female lead’ and ‘likable’ are two words that don’t go hand in hand. However, Noh Jung Ui and her talented self managed to pull this off. Moreover, she talked about how her character acted cool while saying things that brought deep sorrow to her heart.  Noh Jung Ui talked about playing the character was not that hard for her to pull off. But keeping her hair blonde was a pain in the back. She further went on to joke about how she had to dye her hair every two weeks which led to a lot of hair damage.

Noh Jung Eui Talks About Her Character’s Fate and Her Future Plans

NJ’s character in ‘Our Beloved Summer’ had to deal with a broken heart at the end. When asked about how she felt about her character being rejected by Choi Woong, Noh Jung Eui said that as an actor she felt that it fit perfectly. She said that she believed NJ’s character loved Choi Woong enough to let him go for his happiness. She said that although it was a bit sad for her as she was playing the role, it was the perfect ending that the audience would love.

Noh Jung Eui cr: Namoo Actors

Additionally, Noh Jung Eui said that in the future she wants to show the audiences more improved and mature acting. She also said that in the future she wants to play a role in a romance drama where her love is not unrequited. Hopefully, Noh Jung Eui’supcoming project Dear.M will give her this chance. However, Noh Jung Eui seemed to be the most excited while talking about variety shows. She said that it’s been her dream to be invited to one ever since her childhood. She even jokingly said to rename the interview as ‘Noh Jung Eui Running Man’ so that they would call her. Fans cannot wait to see more of her talent and charming personality on their screens!

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