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Noel Gallagher Net Worth: How Rich is The Lead Guitarist of The Popular Band ‘Oasis’?

What is Noel Gallagher's Net Worth
Noel Gallagher cr: Getty Images

If you were a 90s kid, then you have probably heard of the band Oasis and its lead guitarist Noel Gallagher. Noel Gallagher is a huge name in rock music. He was the co-lead vocalist, lead guitarist, and songwriter for the popular boyband Oasis. Currently, Noel Gallagher is the leader of his own band, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, and a record producer.

At the mere age of 12, Noel learned to play guitar. Furthermore, when his brother Liam invited him to join his band as the lead guitarist, he agreed on a condition. The condition was that Noel would be in charge of writing the materials, which is the band Oasis’s success story. The first album of the band Definitely Maybe in 1994 was a significant success. But with the decrease of interest in Britpop, the band started going downhill. And in 2009, Noel Gallagher left the band Oasis and made his own band.

Furthermore, Noel Gallagher has released three studio albums with his band Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds so far. The producer of the famous worldwide boyband ” The Beatles” producer, George Martin, praised him and called him the finest songwriter of his generation. This article will tell you Noel Gallagher’s net worth and more details of his life.

Noel Gallagher’s Early Life

What is Noel Gallagher's Net Worth

Noel Gallagher cr: Getty Images

Gallagher was born on the 29th of May in the year 1967. His birthplace is in the city of Manchester in the United States. Also, he was raised in a working-class family. Moreover, his parents Tommy and Peggy, were Irish immigrants. His parents had divorced when he had turned 13 years old. Noel had started to play on the guitar his father Tommy had left for him. An interesting fact is that he had taught himself to play the instrument even though he was left-handed. You see, a guitar is a right-hand instrument.

Noel Gallagher was a rebel and used to get in trouble with the police. This had eventually made him get expelled from school at the age of 15. He realized he should start his music career when he and his brother Liam Gallagher were at a gig by The Stone Roses. The Stone Roses were their fellow working-class Mancunians. Noel Gallagher had auditioned to be the lead singer of the band Inspiral Carpets but was turned down when he auditioned. He had been touring as a roadie and guitar specialist with them before their lead singer left, and he had decided to take the opportunity. But we all know that he was turned down.

Noel’s Life As A Band Member Of Oasis

What is Noel Gallagher's Net Worth

Noel Gallagher and Liam Gallagher cr: Getty Images

And in the year 1991, his younger brother Liam Gallagher had given him another opportunity. Liam, who was the lead singer in the group, had requested his bandmates to take his elder brother as their guitarist. This is how he had joined the band Oasis. It is worthy of mentioning that Liam had changed the band’s name from the Rain to Oasis. After Noel had joined Oasis, in 1993, the band was proposed a major world label record deal with Sony Music. This deal would license their recording to the indie label Creation Records. With this, they had held the title of fastest-selling album of all time in the UK with their ”Definitely Maybe”. He and the member of Oasis had enjoyed wonderful success and achievement throughout the mid-1990s. This was during the Britpop Movement. And, of course, he had earned his name individually as a great guitarist too.

In the October of 2002, he had decided to leave the band. When he left the band, he focused on his solo career. Additionally, he had gotten married to Meg Mathews till 2001. And then he had married Sara Mcdonals o whom he is still married to this day.

Noel Gallagher’s Net Worth

Noel Gallagher has a whopping net worth of $70 million. He had earned the title of one of the best songwriters in history and one of the most controversial ones. And along with being one of the embers of the band Oasis, he had also had a thriving solo career. So there is no wonder that he has earned to have a lot due to his hard work and determination.

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