One Piece Chapter 909 On Break, New Release Date

One Piece Manga Chapter 909

Lately, One Piece manga has gotten really very interesting. As the title says, there will be no One Piece manga this week, but still, we have some potential spoilers and release date for One Piece 909 Raw Scans. In the last chapter, Saint Charloss was beaten by Donquixote Mjosgard, it was really surprising, even for the Celestial Dragons. we also got to see Im-sama, who is even above the Gorosei, that was surprising as well. Sabo and the other revolutionaries are planning to get Kuma back.

One Piece Manga Chapter 909

One Piece 909 Kuma

The main reason we have no chapter this week is that Eiichiro Oda decided to have a one-week break. Regarding the potential spoilers for One Piece 909, the next chapter will most likely feature Sabo and the gang’s rescue plan for Kuma. He would likely be outside the Reverie Hall, where the Reverie is taking place. There’s no clue on how they will infiltrate the heavily guarded place, but their best chance is when things are heating up on the Reverie Hall. I don’t think they will have much of a problem dealing with any other guards, other than admirals and Kuma himself, who will identify them as enemies because they’re part of the revolutionaries.

However, fail or not, this will make a great impact in the world. This will most likely increase Sabo and the other revolutionaries bounties as well. If they fail, they will likely be killed in an instant, which will make Monkey D. Dragon attack the World Government even harder. Monkey D. Luffy will also try to avenge Sabo’s death, this would be a great blow for him and the mental breakdown will be harder than before.

One Piece 909 Release Date Spoilers

One Piece 909 will officially come out on 2nd July, however, we will get raw and scans by 28th June. We will keep you updated with latest spoilers and update, and just to be sure, what we mentioned above was only predictions.