No One Can Make A Wish As They Please Even After They Win Tournament Of Power


We’re halfway through the Tournament of Power as of now, and so, it will probably conclude in about the next 20 or so episodes. 8 Universes participated in the Tournament of Power which were, Universe 2, Universe 3, Universe 4, Universe 6, Universe 7, Universe 9, Universe 10, and Universe 11.

Out of these Universes, only one will survive, and the winner of the Tournament of Power will get to make a wish from the Super Dragon Balls. As of now, two Universes have already been erased, leaving six in contention for the Super Dragon Balls. From the remaining Universes, Universe 7 has the most warriors left, so you can say that they’re in the lead right now. But, Universe 11 has Jiren.

Jiren is, without any doubts, the most powerful warrior in the Tournament of Power right now. But, we’re far from the end of the Tournament right now. Even though Universe 7 and Universe have the edge, it could still go in any direction. Universe 6, for example is highly underestimated right now, and for all we know, they can maybe pull off something and win it in the end.

But, whoever wins the Tournament of Power, doesn’t get to make any wish they want to be granted. Sure, the Super Dragon Balls can grant any wish, that’s true. However, the fact remains that you have to speak in the language of Gods in order to make your wish come true. normal mortals cannot do that.

So, even if, for example, Freeza wins the Tournament of Power, he cannot ask to control the Gods. Any wish that he wants to be fulfilled has to actually go through the Gods themselves, likely the Grand Priest, or Zeno. So, Freeza cannot ask for power greater than Zeno and expect the Gods to make that wish on his behalf. It is not possible for them to allow such a wish.

So, yeah, even if the Super Dragon Balls grant any wish, unless you can speak the language of Gods, you cannot take full advantage of them. This also puts in question whether or not the Grand Priest and Zeno will allow the erased Universes to get revived. Maybe that’s something they’ll be against as well, because according to Zeno, these Universes were a nuisance in the first place. If he’s not alright with letting them be revived, he can choose not to.

What’s your take on the Super Dragon Balls? Do you think that the gods will let anyone make a wish they want to be fulfilled? Let me know in the comments section below.


The Return Of The Transformation That Even Akira Toriyama Forgot

Goku got a lot of transformations and most of them were memorable , especially his first ever transformation as a Super Saiyan. But as I said, he got a LOT of transformation, and not all his transformations have a lasting effect. Even Akira Toriyama himself forgets about Goku’s transformations sometimes. The Tournament of Power is trying to resurrect old Super Saiyan forms and it seems like we will seen one that we almost never see.

The preview for Dragon Ball Super episode 13 has shown Goku and Caulifla in their Super Saiyan 2 forms and fighting. I don’t really think that Caulifla will let Goku away, as Universe 6 is in a very desperate situation. She and Kale will try to eliminate Goku while he’s still recovering. On the other hand, Goku is planning to gain his energy back while fighting against Caulifla. I don’t know how the heck will he do that, but well…

In the preview, Goku said that he will show Caulifla how to transform into Super Saiyan 3. Except from Goku and the fusion character Gotenks, no one from the existing Saiyans can transform into Super Saiyan 3. Super Saiyan 3 was Goku’s most rarely used form, even the Super Saiyan 2 is seen more than this form.

In this form, the user’s strength and speed is buffed in so many levels. It is characterized by the user gaining a massive hair growth in the expense of their eyebrows. But even though it is aesthetically cool and buffs the user, why Goku rarely uses this form?

The reason is because of this form’s stamina drain. It might not be as powerful

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