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No Man’s Sky Expedition Mode is Out, Here is What’s Coming

No Mans Sky
No Mans Sky

No Man’s Sky is a survival exploration game that was launched back in 2016 by Hello Games. The game is one of the best survival exploration games out there. With its visually pleasing graphics and excellent game modes, it is surely one of the games to play if you want to pass your time exploring outer space and new planets. There are currently 4 game modes in the game, namely Normal, Survival, Permadeath, and Creative.

The developers have decided to add one more to the list, and it is the Expedition mode. Fans have taken this new update in a positive way, and they are truly enjoying it. Let’s have a look at what the Expedition mode is and how it can benefit you.

The Expedition Mode

Expedition mode something like a community special. You are given tasks, and everyone has to accomplish that task in a certain amount of time. There are certain milestones spread across the universe, and completing them will earn you great rewards. Every player starts at the same point once you start an expedition mode. So when you start this mode for the first time, you will lot of other players in the same location trying to complete their tasks and achieving their milestones.

The whole expedition mode is divided into phases, and in those phases, there are different milestones. The difficulty of tasks gets higher as you progress in a phase. There are a total of 5 phases for now. You get unique rewards for completing milestones as well as completing a phase. This is the first Expedition, and it is supposed to last for 2 months. So this expedition mode is somewhat a seasonal mode that lasts for a particular amount of time. Talking about rewards, you can win yourself a jetpack, an exclusive ship, new titles and weapons, and much more.

This event is focused on working together as a community in order to build something. There are even rendezvous points in the path of your Expedition.

All Other modes

If you didn’t have an idea about the other modes, then let me give you a basic idea about them.

1) Normal Mode

This is the oldest game mode. It was there when the game launched back in 2016. It is a basic exploration with every setting set at default, like difficulty, building costs, and stuff. There are two ways to die in a normal mode. One can be in your spaceship in space, and the other is on land on your feet.

If you die in space, you can retrieve your inventory items with your ship. If you die on foot on any planet, then you must return to that same location again in order to retrieve your items.

2) Survival Mode

You can guess by the name what this mode is about. It is about survival. This is a great mode to play if you want to be a bit more serious and if you think you are a decent player of this game. In survival mode, the difficulty of enemies has increased, resources are limited, and environments have become more dangerous too. You spawn at your normal base, and even reaching your spaceship is a tricky task in this mode.

No Mans Sky Survival Mode

If you die in this mode, you don’t get your inventory items back. If you die in space, you are spawned to the nearest planet.

3) Permadeath Mode

This is indeed the hardest mode of the game. If you want to play the game like you are living a real life. Go for this game mode. This mode gives you only one shot. If you die, everything is erased. Your inventory, all your previous saves, and your character.

Every game mode has two slots, but this mode only has one. It will either begin from the last autosave, or the last manual saves you made. As I said, this is real-life.

4) Creative Mode

This mode is for all the creators and people with great creativity out there. There are unlimited health and resources, and the building cost is zero. This mode encourages you to build something beautiful of your own in outer space and unknown planets. You can’t unlock any trophies in this game mode, though.

No Mans Sky Creative Mode

There is no point in death in this mode as you have unlimited health. So if you are bored living a normal life in the game and want a break to build something which you dreamt of, then this mode is for you.


The Expedition game mode has already been launched on April 1st, and everyone has been enjoying it so far. You can go on Youtube, and there are so many streamers who will guide you to complete different phases and get great rewards. A good inclusion in the game by Hello Games in order to bring the community closer. Let’s see how this thing pans out after two months when it gets over.

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