No Game No Life Season 2 – Is It Still Renewed ?

You will always see No Game No Life in the list of top ten anime series that deserve a second season. Being a popular show, the series seems to show a possibility for a second season. If there’s no struggle and there’s a high demand, then why can’t we get No Game No Life season 2?

No Game No Life Season 2 Status

First things first, there’s still no announcement about No Game No Life season 2. Madhouse Entertainment hasn’t announced that it plans to produce a second season yet. However, there is also no announcement that it was already canceled due to its author, Kamiya Yuu, tracing some of the art from other people and incorporating it on his own work.  According to Anime Amino, Kamiya already apologized for to the artists involved and sent them monetary value for the damages. These allegations started after the anime was finished airing last June 25, 2014.

no game no life season 2

During the anime run, it covered three out of the six volumes that are existing at that time. At the time of this writing, the series already has ten volumes, with the latest one being published just January this year. The author’s plagiarism incident is not that grave to prevent him from doing more volumes. Material-wise, the volumes are enough to cover No Game No Life season 2 and more.

The latest film, No Game No Life: Zero had a good run last 2017, which means that the demand for No Game No Life season 2 anime is still good. The film is a prequel which happened 6,000 years ago before the main event. There’s even a character book released based on the film.

So if there are enough materials, financial feasibility, and demand for No Game No Life season 2, why is it that it is still not done yet? It is possible that the light novels, which is the original source and product, are selling really well even without an anime. It is also possible that Madhouse will prioritize other series before getting another season. There’s still no announcement for a new season, but there is no announcement for any cancellation either. The season 2 might or might not come in the future, and only time will tell if it will happen or not.

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