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Nikita Dragun Net Worth: How Much Does The Social Media Star Earn?

How Does Nikita Dragun Earn Money?
Nikita Dragun's Journey

Ever since the world was introduced to the Internet, our generation has been unstoppable. Not only have we been able to connect the entire world with a click, but we also have successfully brought it to our fingertips. We are being influenced by trends in countries far away from ours. This is creating homogeneity in cultures and bringing people together. We, as a generation, connect with each other so much better. The Internet has also provided a large magnitude of people the opportunity to earn their livelihoods. Youngsters especially are making the big bucks by availing the various facilities the Internet brings with itself.

One of the most common freelance professions these days is that of a social media influencer. Our article today is based on the life of 0ne such influencer – Nikita Dragun. At present, Nikita Dragun is an American YouTuber and make-up artist. She is also a model. Dragun’s Youtube channel is called ‘Nikita Dragun,’ and it has over 3 million subscribers at the time of writing this article. Read on to find out more about Nikita Dragun’s life, career, and net worth.

How does Nikita Dragun earn her money?

Nikita Dragun – A True Diva

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Nikita Dragun: Early Life

Nikita Dragun was actually born in Belgium before she moved to the United States. She is of Vietnamese and Mexican descent and identifies herself as a transwoman. After moving to the US, Dragun graduated high school in Virginia. In her YouTube videos, Draggun has spoken at length about her journey to becoming the incredible woman she is today. You can follow her journey in the videos she has uploaded to her channel. One incident that she spoke about from college was how she got a fake ID with the name Nicole since it was recognized as a female name. These instances show how important this journey has been to her and how it significantly elevated her life in a positive direction. There have been several controversies surrounding where she went to college. And hence, no proper verified facts are available about her college on the Internet.

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Nikita Dragun: Career

Who Is The Subject Of Nikita Unfiltered?

Nikita Dragun – An Inspiration

Nikita Dragun began her career in 2013. She said that it was around that time that she started getting brand deals. And hence this is when she started taking social media – especially YouTube and Instagram seriously. As a matter of fact, it was around this time that Instagram was beginning to gain popularity. Hence, she was one of those Instagram influencers who were hit by the first wave of success on social media. At the time of writing this article, Nikita Dragun has over 9 million followers on Instagram and 12 million followers on TikTok. Dragun has always been very proud of her identity as a transwoman. During a controversy surrounding trans models in Victoria’s Secret shows, a comment was made about those shows being a ‘fantasy’ – a concept transwomen apparently couldn’t portray. However, Dragun faced this challenge head-on by posting pictures of herself modeling lingerie and proving the claims made in these derogatory comments absolutely wrong.

Later in March 2019, Nikita Dragun started her own line of cosmetics. Though the products can be used by one and all based on their preference, it is mainly aimed at the transgender community. The best part about these products is that they are completely vegan and were made without harming any animals in the process. It truly is something Dragun must be very proud of. Dragun has consistently credited her journey as a transgender woman behind the continuous success of her products. ‘Nikita Unfiltered’ is a docuseries that follows Dragun’s life. Here, she looks for love, looks for inspiration in her career, and speaks about handling fame as a trans woman.

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Nikita Dragun: Net Worth

As of 2020, Nikita Dragun’s net worth stood at $3 million. This whopping figure is extremely commendable, as the life of a social media influencer is not easy. There is cutthroat competition due to the field almost reaching its saturation point in terms of the number of people freelancing here. Dragun is an inspiration for all those who think societal norms are going to weigh down upon their choices in life and hamper them from having successful careers.

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