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Nike Air Sesh: New Shoe Designed For Dancers Release Date

Nike Air Sesh; Designed For Dancers
Nike Air Sesh

When we talk about Nike, we frequently talk about sports! Nike Air Sesh comes with such style that got Designed for Dancers! Nike is an American Multinational Company that sponsors the topmost athletes on this planet. It is the world’s largest supplier of shoes for athletes and sporting equipment. Founded in 1954 by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman, Nike has assets worth $35 Billion! Its HQ is in Beaverton, USA, where there are nearly 80,000 employees are working there.

Nike is also the owner of several brands like Converse, Jordan, etc. The sports giants have named themselves after the Greek God of victory, NIKE (Nice). You can instantly recognize the brand with the “Swoosh” (Tick mark) logo. We can even identify it through its world-famous slogan “Just Do It”! Nike sells many products under its name. Some are like Nike Blazers, Nike Pro, Nike Mercurial, Nike Air Sesh too!

The brand has done such phenomenal business with such legends that today, people know the brand only because of them! Nike sponsors humongous names in the sporting world like LeBron James, Rafael Nadal, Rory Mcilroy. They have also joined hands with well-known teams like Barcelona and PSG. But when we talk about Nike, only one name comes forward. That is Cristiano Ronaldo! Billionaire CR7, the most famous name on this planet, has signed a $1 Billion lifetime contract with Nike! Now you know why Nike is the leading sports brand in the world.

When we discuss stuff concerning Nike, we make sure to talk about Ronaldo’s boots! Because even his shoes got sponsored by Nike. His latest boots are the CR7 Nike Mercurial Superfly 8. Let’s put light on Nike Air Sesh, which is Designed For Dancers!

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Nike Air Sesh; Designed For Dancers

Nike Air Sesh

Nike Air Sesh: Release Date of the boots designed for dancers

The Release Date of the official Nike Air Sesh that got designed for dancers was on October 13, 2021. You can see above in the image that Nike Air Sesh is pure white. But the official boots are in clean, black and white color. Tinker Hatfield designed the dancing shoes, considering many factors. The Nike shoes got made keeping the dancer’s needs in mind.

Air Sesh has emphasized two different types of rubber. These rubbers assist the artist-> to drift and stop with lesser resistance and more control. It is like the perfect gift for any dancer! Air Sesh has strong durability and flexibility with flex channels in the sole. Its lightweight helps your foot give more agility. The Sneaker’s Air heel cushioning provides the dancer a lot of comfort while dancing. Air Sesh also allows them to do stunts at will! Tinker also added some of his artistry to the Air Sesh. He induced a backward Swoosh on the central side. The design is such that the tick mark will glow whenever worn in the dark!

The legendary shoemaker said that Air Sesh is one of his most valuable creations to date. Before the launch of the boot, many members tried it. Their experience with Nike Air Sesh was unbelievable. One of the members even stated that it is “Cheating” to wear those shoes! Tinker even said that dancers were not wearing the right sneakers. That is why it was time for Hatfield to make a pair that would revolutionize the dancing world!

Nike is known for its sport’s studs. But now they have planned to go next level. They are providing athletes with something which can help them realize their potential.

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Cristiano Ronaldo

Nike Mercurial Superfly

More About The Gigantic Brand

Nike had sold 1300 pairs of Japanese Running shoes during its first year (1964). They made only $8000. But that was just the start. In 1965, their sales had reached $20,000! Next year, they opened their retail store in California. Later on, they extended their distribution networks till Wellesley, Massachusetts. The Swoosh (Tick Mark) logo got invented for the first time in 1971. In 1980, Co-Founder Dan Weiden displayed the world-famous slogan “Just Do It” From that day onwards, Nike has become one of the greatest bands in history! Having partnerships with big companies and legendary players, Nike has obtained an unreal level of recognition.

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