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Spoilers: Nightwatch Season 5 Episode 11

What To Expect From Nightwatch S05E11?
From Nightwatch S05E10 Featuring Captain Brad

Nightwatch Season 5 Episode 11 calls in for more of a difficult pressure on EMT responders who are hoping for some family time. But it seems like the job won’t let them go. So circling back there are cases similar to what we witness previously on the show. But they are bound to get severe if not responded quickly. Previously on the show, we saw Brad responding to almost four gunshot victims. An elderly man suffering from cardiac arrest, chest pain, and lastly a woman with low sugar on the brink of never opening her eyes again. Apart from that, we had burned victims due to carelessness. The woman tried to have a cigarette amidst breathing through an oxygen machine. There are people who needed comfort more than treatment.

Nightwatch Season 5 also saw people from whom finance was a concern than their health. But EMT responders were there to help them sort out that health is more important. A woman assaulted by her husband needed similar help. The abusive relationship was definitely not for her after all. The EMT responders were there for these people. Now, the guys will be looking for some light-hearted experience. So let’s take a look at everything that happened previously on the episode piece by piece. Then we will move on to the breakdown of what we can expect from the upcoming eleventh episode of season 5.

Nightwatch Season 5 Recap

Brad picks up the call for the first emergency of the night. A gunshot and motorcycle accident has taken place. What Brad sees is two vehicles. While he finds two of them, police report another victim down another block. He puts two of them in the same vehicle before leaving to take a look at the third victim. Lindsay and Janette answer to a 57-year-old man probably having a cardiac arrest. If this man needs to survive, he needs a cardiologist at a hospital. Chances are less but Linsay hopes he will get through it. Shaq and Jay call in Joe for assistance on their call. They have a female with a burnt face. It took place because she was on an oxygen machine and wanted to smoke. There is a possibility her airways are burnt too. They guys help her with pain before taking her to the hospital.

What Went Down Nightwatch S05E10?

From Nightwatch S05E10 Featuring Titus and his Assaulted Patient

Titus and Mac answer an assaulted and strangled women’s call. Thye talk to her and she doesn’t want to go to the hospital because of money problems. Titus believes it’s not a money problem but because people usually feel embarrassed and convinces her health is important than money. On their way to the hospital, Titus talks to her. She reveals being abused by her partner. He has done this before and this time he used both his hands to choke her. Titus asks her if she wants him to bring this situation to the doctor so that he could provide help to which she agrees.

Lindsay and Janette answer to a man suffering from shortness of breath as his inhaler ran out. While they take him to the hospital, another guy tries to interfere time and again. He finally hopes in the ambulance stating someone is trying to kill him. He says he is high on drugs and needs help. So they came for one patient, they are taking two to the hospital. Shaq and Jay answer a call for an elderly homeless man suffering from chest pain. He had too much spicy food and now his heart is also at a high rate with heavy breathing. They injected him adenosine hoping to restart his heart. The man is lucky he called or else it would have been fatal.

Nightwatch S05E10 Breakdown

From Nightwatch S05E10 Featuring Shaq and Jay With Their Patient

Titus and Mac receive a call for an unknown individual not breathing. Lt. Joe joins the group in case they need more hands. Although it’s not a code, the woman definitely needs Glucose. After all, the woman wakes up and Titus lets her husband knows she is gonna be alright. Lindsay and Janette answer to a person trapped inside a vehicle. Luckily as they reached, there were many people. The man was already taken out and Lindsay called in Lt. Holly for another hand too. Holly sets up the trauma activation for the man to take him to the hospital.

Nightwatch Season 5 Episode 11 Release Date and Spoilers

Nightwatch Season 5 Episode 11 is releasing on 10th June 2021. The eleventh episode will air on its regular timeslot of 10 pm ET/PT on A&E and will also be available to stream on A&E TV’s official website. Furthermore, you can also buy Nightwatch Season 5 Episode 11 on video-on-demand services of Amazon Prime VideoMicrosoft StoreGoogle Play Movies & TVVUDU, and iTunes. Although there is no official promo for the eleventh episode, check out the synopsis breakdown and trailer below.

Nightwatch Season 5 Episode 11 is titled, “Keep Calm and Carry On”. The official synopsis of the episode states the EMT responders are struggling with family time. But this job doesn’t necessarily have good times. So there is a lot of pressure if the guys want to get back to family time. So the episode teases we will be having a gunshot victim much like the time we had in the previous episode. Brad took care of the situation even with more than one victim. But what will go down this time? A  motorcyclist who has been hit by a car needs to be taken care of. Then we have a man in custody who needs help. Lastly, a Vietnam war veteran is suffering from a grisly finger injury.

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