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Night in Paradise Korean Film: Review & Plot Analysis

Is Night in Paradise worth watching
Cast Jeon Yeo-been and Uhm Tae-Goo in Night in Paradise (Credit: Netflix)

There is quite a buzz on the Internet after Night in Paradise’s release on Netflix streaming service. Night in Paradise is a drama film for South Korea that got initially planned for a theatrical release. However, the same could not happen due to the occurrence of the Coronavirus Pandemic. But the film found its world premiere at the 77th Venice International Film Festival on September 03, 2020. The film found its international launching through Netflix on April 09, 2021. 

The drama film stars Uhm Tae-Goo, Cho Dong-In, Jeon Yeo-Been, Park Ho-San, Cha Seung-Won, and Lee Ki-Young in the leading roles. Park Hoon-Jung, the famous director, is behind the production, screenplay, and direction of the series. The other name for Night in Paradise is Paradise Evening and Nakwoneui Bam. Now, let’s know in detail about the plot details of the film. 

Night in Paradise: Recap

Night in Paradise storyline takes place in Seoul. The story revolves around Te-Gu that belongs to Yang’s crew and is a gangster of high ranking. He earned a ferocious reputation over the years in South Korea’s capital criminal underworld. His reputation precedes him that even Chairman Doh of the rival Bukseong gang respects him and asked him to work for him. However, Tae-Gu declined as he is very loyal to the Yang gang. But, Jae Kyung, Tae Gu’s sister, is on the verge of death due to a terminal disease.

Is Night in Paradise good?

A look from the film wherein Park Tae-goo and Jae Yeon (Credit: Netflix)

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Despite everything, Tae-Gu mentally prepares himself for taking care of his niece, Ji-Eun, and also accepted the death of Jae-Kyung. But, fate was not on his side, as a vehicle crash took the life of Ji-Eun and Jae-Kyung. Thus, Tae-Gu loses all his family and the only part of his life that makes him normal. Later on, Yang tells Tae-Gu that the car crash was not an accident but Chairman Doh’s planning. Yang tells him that Doh does so to take revenge on him as he refused his offer of joining his gang. Tae-Gu got very angry after learning the truth and wants to kill Doh. He goes to the stronghold of Bukseong and kills Doh. 

Tae-Gu is also sent by Yang to Jeju Island before running away to Russia. In Jeju, Tae-Gu meets his host’s niece, Jae-Yeon. Coincidentally, she is also ill terminally. Slowly, they began to grow closer, and Tae-Gu also begins to think of her as his closest aid. Not much time gets left for Jae Yeon and Tae-Gu. The former is terminally ill, and the latter is chased by Chairman Doh’s gang. Tae-Gu also learns that it was not Chairman Doh, but rather Yang that ordered the hit on his sister and niece’s car. 

Night in Paradise: Review

Night in Paradise, as from the look of the name, the movie may seem like a romantic comedy movie. However, the film is opposite to its title, with the inclusion of actions, treachery, violence, fights, and revenge. The latest crime thriller of Director Park brings bloodshed and action scenes that are very exciting. But, awkwardness and untidy prevails in the mixture of the noir and action film. Most of the time in the movie depicts Tae-Gu and Jae-Yeon’s bond building. 

One of the major ideas that the film wants to relay that no one is in charge or head of anything in the world despite everyone thinking that they as ruthless and smarter than the other. Ultimately, everyone is going down the same path, Nowhere or death. The impeccable thing about the film is the visual storytelling in the character study that is violent and dark. Night in Paradise does not portray any pleasant people nor any road that does not lead to death. The movie perfectly shows how one feels after losing someone.

In the film, Tae Gu no doubt retreats to a beautiful and peaceful island. However, the plotline depicting bloody revenge is the exact opposite of the blue skies and beautiful seas. There is a big contrast between the irony of the storyline and the title of the film. The plotting for the film and the characters were pretty much good. Stellar performance gets delivered by the actors that gave justification to their characters. One will find about how the story is very brutal even though the title many seem to portray the same as a romantic film. 

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