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Preview and Recap: Night Head 2041 Episode 3

Night Head 2041
Night Head 2041

The soldiers complete their mission of capturing Miracle Mick, but a mysterious incident occurs. Yuya and Takuma got sent to another dimension after a huge blast. Their appearance change, and they met with a girl that they met during their last mission in their world. Let’s find how the two set their new life in another world on the latest episode of Night Head 2041. The episode title is ”Fake-Deception.” Takuma had a dream when the powers trigger inside the bar and defeat another guy. He wakes up and wonders when he gets those powers. Takuma notices that Yuya is sleeping and switch on the radio.

The new reporters reveal that the nation’s libraries have burnt all books, videos, and music recordings depicting religion or frictional occurrences according to the law. Government strengthens thought crime laws against the banned books and believes that many private individuals still maintain collections and plan tighter enforcement by SWE HQ. Takuma gets furious, wondering what is happening. Yuya wakes up after hearing the nice and finds that it is his brother.

Takuma talked about 2041. In the year 2023, a private helicopter transport a young girl who is severely injured. The doctor touched the arm of the girl and said her pulse is weak. The guy nearby told the doctor to hurry up before the girl meets her end. The doctor noticed that Mikuriya is coughing and asks if he is okay. Mikuriya told the doctor not to worry and take care of the girl. The trio arrives at the lab, and Dr. Losyukov notices that the girl is unconscious. Miracle Mick spies on the boys that are on a mission, and a prostitute confront him. Mick told the lady to leave him since she turned him into a cult leader.

Previously on Night Head 2041 Episode 2

The lady comments that Miracle Mick enjoys being a cult leader. She put her leg on Mick’s chest and pins him with the wall. Mick reminds the lady that he did everything she wants, but she does not give him the promised freedom. He reminds her about the Special Weapons Enforcement. The lady told Mick that is why he is alive. Mick wonders who exactly this lady is, and she told him to have dinner with her.

They enter a restaurant where Mick bumps with a boy and drops his eyeglass. Naoya and Naoto are also inside the restaurant eating bugger. The two realize that something is fishy, and Naoto talks with Naoya. He told him to keep his heat locked uptight. Naoya begins to enjoy his food and notice the other three guys eating nearby. Naota reveals that World War III began in 2023, followed by a planet-wide disaster that decreases the popularity by two-thirds.

Night Head 2041

Night Head 2041

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World War III

Naoya asks Naoto about the war, and Naoto replies that he doesn’t know since they have lost the memory of that war. After losing their memories, the two got taken to the lab in 2014. Naoya realizes that they were in the lab for fifteen years. Naoto confirms that, and Naoya said it means they are in 2029, but why it is 2041. Some flashbacks of Naoto and Naoya took place; one day, Mikiriya arrived at their home and talked with their parents.

Their parents wonder why Murikiya wants to do with the boys. Naoto and Naoya were sleeping, and Mukiriya took them using force and heads to the lab with them. They both wake up and find that they are inside a car. Naoto calls out his parents and saw them at a distance, trying to chase the car. Later the vehicle arrives at Special Weapons Enforcement Headquarters. The two got modified into Yuya and Takuma and met with a girl. She told them that the barrier got broken.

Takuma and Yuya talked about the other two brothers. Yuya told Takuma to forget about Naoto and Naoya since they went missing for fifteen years. No one knows that whether the two are alive. Yuya said they got abandoned, and they must accept that and have a drink. Takuma thinks that even if the two are active, they don’t remember them. Meanwhile, Naoto and Yuya help the girl who is aware that the SWE is after her. The girls told the two to escape since the SWE is after them, and Naoto wanted to know about World War III.

Night Head-2041 Episode 3 Release Date

Night Head-2041 Episode 3 release date is 28 July 2021. You can watch Night Head 2041 online on Chrunchyroll and ANIPLUS

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