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Preview & Recap: Night Head 2041 Episode 2

Night Head 2041

The pursuit between brothers has begun in Night Head 2041 and we await its episode 2. A point that will create a great swell of waves was born one night. The story begins in 2041 in Japan, where the world is physical. The government announces an important message revealing that worship of Gods and Buddhas is a thought crime. Belief will destroy everyone’s one life as well as the lives of friends and family. The citizens receive messages to stop believing in anything that cannot get physically proven.

The government forbids the sale, creation, or distribution of any product or book dealing in subjects such as supernatural phenomena, spiritual energy, fictional persons, and stories. Meanwhile, two brothers are walking together and worries about the youngsters that won’t get out of the road. One of the brother’s wonders if those youngsters know about SWE. The second brother comments that 18 years have passed since the war, and they have peace for 18 years. The boys working with them told them to keep on moving forward. Yuya drove the truck and realizes that their target is Miracle Mick.

The boys wonder why people worship a guy like Miracle Mick. Yuya replies that people fall for the weird magic tricks that Miracle Mick performs. They realize that Mick’s believers call him a psychic. The army vehicles arrive at the building, and the drone analyzes the structure. Alpha and Bravo are at their initial positions, ready to begin the operation to capture Miracle Mick. Takuya takes the lead on the plan they got briefed on ago. The boss told the boys to clear the area and capture the target quickly. The masses love to see a bag guy go down. The boys begin to invade the building.

Previously on Night Head 2041 Episode 1

The soldiers tracked no signs of life inside the building, and the boys told the boys to go inside the underground. Inside the underground passage, they couldn’t find anything. The boss said the Alpha Squad about the next place the path branches, and they must split into two teams composed of Takuya and Yuya, Sonezaki and Reika. They will run into fierce resistance when they find believers. Takuya gets a life sings and wonders where they are.

The two enter the building and find a schoolgirl, but they decided not to shoot. Yuya told the girl not to move, and she must put her hands up. The two ask the girl about Mick, and the guys from the control room wonder what Yuya and Takuma are talking to since they can’t get life signs. The young girl disappears, and the boys begin to receive showers of bullets. The boss gets a message about the gunfire and wonders if it is an ambush.

Night Head 2041

Night Head 2041

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Miracle Mick

The boys received the orders to take down the enemies. Sonezaki and Reika begin to exchange blows with the enemies. They wonder where these enemies were hiding since they appeared out of nowhere. Takuma and Yuya work together as they clear their way up, looking for Miracle Mick. They find that the enemies are all packing radio wave absorbers, but they can’t see them on the radar. The boss and the guy inside the control room wonders if the enemies know about their plans.

Boss comments that when things don’t go to plan, that is when the training kicks in. He realizes that the boys fighting with the enemies got specially chosen, and they are the best warriors. They managed to wipe out the enemies, and Reika calls Takuma and Yuya, asking the two if they have found the target. Takuma replies that they are looking for him and he might be somewhere. The boss told team Alpha about an unnatural-looking space between the wall at five o’clock.

They break the wall, find a secret hidden room, and Miracle Mick apologizes, telling them not to hurt him. The boys realize that he has been fooling them, hiding inside the wall. Takuma calls the boss that they have got their target, and Miracle Mick got recovered. The boys receive the orders to get Miracle Mick into custody. Sonezaki and Muto escort Miracle Mick out of the building since the media is waiting to find the truth about this criminal guy. Yuya and Takuma remain inside the building, but they teleported into another dimension after a huge blast.

Night Head 2041 Episode 2 Release Date

Night Head 2041 release date is 22 July 2021. You can watch Night Head 2041 online on Chrunchyroll and ANIPLUS.

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