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Night Head 2041 Episode 12 Release Date, Preview, and Streaming Details

Night Head 2041

The final battle with the Kirihara Brothers begins with Night Head 2041 Episode 12, with Naoto and Naoya deciding to protect the HQ. From the latest Night Head 2041 Episode, Naoya and Yuya find that they are brothers and can combine their powers and destroy the world. Yuya confronted Jin and told him to stop the military from activating the bomb. He points the gun at Jin, but the military sends two rocket bombs to the HQ, and Naoto uses his superpower to shield the HQ. The bombs explode when they make contact with Naoto’s shield.

They survive all the blows coming from the military, and Shoko opens her eyes and sends the army to Shibuya using mind teleportation. Takuya and Yuya jump out of the plane, and Jin realizes that he has lost them. The two landed on the ground, and Takuya punched Yuya that he was defending the Kirihara Brothers. Takuya reminds Yuya that if they don’t kill the Kirihara Brothers, Yuya will disappear. Yuya replies that he knows and wonders why they will be happy to kill their brothers to end this incident.

Takuya adds that killing them is the only option since they don’t have any choice. He reveals that he doesn’t care about the world, but he can’t stand to lose Yuya; Yuya replies that he might stop this if he connects with Naoya. Takuya wonders if it is possible and fears if they fail. Yuya replies that he is sure, but he wants Takuya to trust him. Takuya agreed and said they were betraying the SWE. The two decide to search for Naoto and Yuya since they got teleported to Shibuya and the others are at Rusia. Naoya and Naoto appear inside the tunnel and battle with the masked man.

Previously on Night Head Episode 11

Yuya felt their presence and wondered if they got connected with their minds. Takuya and Yuya saw a vehicle and realized that they were getting weird memories. They keep on seeing a version of Yuya and Naoya within their bodies. The two are surprised to see Miracle Mick running away from something. The images that they see keeps on vanishing, and Yuya thinks that time is overlapping.
Yuya adds that the past and present exist simultaneously and wonders if their paradox is causing it.

Night Head 2041

Night Head 2041

Jin arrived at SWE base and told his mind to get the combat squad ready. He told Kimie to locate them, and Kimie asked if he was talking about the Kirihara Brothers. Jin said all of them including Takuya and Yuya. Kimie wonders if she should eliminate them, and Jin said it would depend on them. Takuya and Yuya appear in front of Shoko and realizes that it is the day they disappeared, and Jin took them. They realize that Shoko told them the same thing about the barrier that got broken. The two turns into Yuya and Naoya and wonder how did Shoko do that.

Shoko told the two about the future, which is created by plucking up single points. Naoto realizes that Shoko wants to sacrifice herself to stop this destruction. Shoko told the two that her role was ending, and they had to complete their mission. She told the two to seek answers and move forward. Shoko vanishes with a golden light. Mukiriya’s base begins to vanish since Shoko has disappeared, and she was the primary source of the HQ. Takuya and Yuya arrives and meet with Naoto and Naoya. Takuya explained what has been happening and that they saw past visions.

Night Head 2041 Episode 12 Release Date

Night Head 2041 Episode 12 will be released on 30 September 2021. Jin and his army arrive to capture them, and the two fight with them. Jin manages to pin Takuya and Naoto to the ground, and Naoya and Yuya find a way to stop the world from ending. Look at Night Head 2041 official news below.

Night Head 2041

Night Head 2041

Watch Night Head 2041 Episode 12 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Night Head 2041 Episode 12 online on ANIPLUS & Crunchyroll on Thursday at 12:35 AM JST. You can watch Night Head 2041 on Ais Play & VRV vis Crunchyroll if you are not in Japan.

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