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Night Head 2041 Episode 11: Release Date & Preview

Night Head 2041

The Kirihara Brothers’ brawl begins with Night Head 2041 Episode 11, with Akiko ordering the trio to eliminate Naoto and Naoya. Night Head 2041 reveals the pursuit of Kohirihara Brothers by SWE since they are psionic who possess a threat to the human world. From the latest Night Head 2041 Episode, Mutou and Sonozaki got defeated by the Kirihara Brothers and Jin failed to unveil the truth since Yui disappeared. Naoto and Naoya managed to break the barrier of the world created by the prophet and get teleported to another dimension. Jin, Takuya, Yuya, and Kimie reunite and head to find those two.

On their way, Jin receives a call from his private informer, who tells him about the prophet. They realize that they can’t contact the prophet, and the mission can’t get delayed. The guy told Jin that SWE is on its own and won’t get a backup from the government; Jin realizes that he can back down from this mission, and he has made a promise. The guy explained everything about the prophets and their powers. Jin replies that he will carry out the last wish of the prophet without failing even though they have lost contact with her.

Jin asks Kimie to lend her powers to help him carry out this last task. Meanwhile, Naoto and Naoya appear nears the lake, and they are lying unconscious. Yuya and Takuya are also with Jin, and they have to find the truth about the psionic and the HQ. Takuya realizes that they have to settle their score.  He recalls the time Yuya told him the truth about Naoto and Naoya that they are not enemies. Takuya told Yuya that the two need to get eliminated since they are the cause of destruction.

Previously on Night Head 2041 Episode 10

Takuya reminds Yuya what has happened to their combrade because of Naoya and Naoto. Yuya replies that they can talk with the two and find the truth. Takuya notices that Yuya’s body has begun to fade and decides to assassinate the two since he can’t let the world and everyone vanish. Naoto and Naoya are surprised to wake up in Russia’s HQ. They met with Losyukov, who told him that he is not an enemy. Losyukov adds that he works with Mukiriya, and he knew that the two would come here since it is where they need to be.

Night Head 2041

Night Head 2041

He explained why they are here since a partial distortion happened, and he has no clues about this. They talked about Misaki and the prophecies. Losyukov asks them if they meet with Mukiriya. Naoto replies that they spent fifteen years with Mukirita in the lab; Naoya adds that they have learned many things, and he told them to fulfill their roles. Losyukov is glad that they also worked with Mukiriya and that Mukiriya is here. They both head inside the lab, and the two are surprised to see Shoko. Losyukov reveals that they are witnessing a life support device connected to Shoko and the eight other children with special powers to create the Intermediary World.

He showed them Mikuriya, who passed away a while ago, and said he had played his role. They talked about the incident that happened in 2014 and that Mikuriya took them in that time. Losyukov explained why they built this lab and how Mukiryiya took care of the two. Later Jin and his men arrive at the gate of HQ. Kimie uses minds control to make the higher-up shoot fake Victor. Yuya and Naoya find that they are brothers, and Shoko is about to wake up. Naoto decided to protect the lab.

Night Head 2041 Episode 11 Release Date

Night-Head-2041 Episode 11 will be released on 23 September 2021, Thursday at 12:55 PM. The recent episode of Night Head 2041 air on Wednesday, but it will be on Thursday in Japan. Let’s look at more of Night Head 2041 official updates and details below.

Night Head 2041

Night Head 2041

Where To Watch Night Head 2041 Episode 11

You can watch Night Head 2041 Episode 11 online on Crunchyroll and ANIPLUS. Night Head 2041 will release the episode finale this coming week; don’t miss the final arc of the Kirihara Brothers.

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