What To Expect From Night Head 2041 Episode 1?

Night Head 2041
Night Head 2041

Night Head 2041 is another anime that will make its debut around July. It has got revealed that humans don’t use about seventy percent of their brains. Some of their mysterious powers come from their brains. Seventy percent of the brain doesn’t function well with “NIGHT HEAD.” One day two ”mysterious” people got summoned to the forest after being abandoned by their society due to their magic. Those guys are brothers by Naoto and Naoya Kirihara; they had been hidden in the lab research lab for psychics for the last fifteen years. Inside the lab, everyone accepted them even though they possess threatening powers.

Kyojiro Mikuriya is the one who revealed the truth behind the two brothers and led them to get chased away. The two brothers find that they are in Tokyo in the year 2041. In 2041 they find that mental energy and visuals depicting supernatural phenomena exist. The National Security Headquarters decided to protect the nation after being tasked with upholding that idea of physicalism. They are saving everyone from dangerous thoughts. The two brothers get new jobs and get assigned to be in charge of the elite special task force. They got separated from their parents at a young age, and the task force took them.

The two never believe in supernatural powers, even when dealing with dangerous criminals who believe in ”supernatural” powers. During their journey, they met with a lady named  Shoko Futami. The barrier got broken, Takuya and Yuya met with Naoto and Naoya. Shoko guides the two to meet with Naoto and Naoya. They became the brother who flee and brothers who pursue them. The journey of the two brothers begins as destiny controls their lives.

Night Head 2041 Summary

Night Head reveals the truth behind the two brothers Takuya Kuroki and Yūya Kuroki, tracking down the Kirihara brothers. Naoto is a young man with black hair that falls around his neck and loves to carry a necklace. Naoto loves to dress in black, and he is a guy who has a lot of self-confidence of the two brothers with a more fiery temper. When he is angry, he attacks with psychokinesis that ends up destroying the objects around his area. The brother helps Naoya by taking his vision to stop Naoya’s suffering.

Naoto is afraid that the powers he has can destroy his life and hurt people around him. Naoya is the posses immense powers of healing. His abilities come from the suffering he went through in his life, and when he gets physical contact or object, his trauma vision gets triggered. But he is the only brother that does not affect his elder brother Naoto. Naoya loves to call his brother Nii-san symbolizing the bond they share as brothers.

Night Head 2041
Night Head 2041

Mysterious Signs

Naoya looks up to Naoto in many ways and likes to stands behind Naoto, using him as a shield to protect himself. At their young age, Naoya loves grabbing Naoto’s jacket, following him everywhere he goes. Naoya is a young man with brown eyes and hair and loves to wear a loose coat, white jeans, and black shoes. When he is around the crowd, he acts like he is shy since his trauma troubles him. But Naoya ends up opening about the incidents and begins to enjoy hanging around everyone.

Shouko Futami is a lady with black eyes and black hair and likes to wear school uniforms. Her psychical vanish while wearing a school uniform. Futami has powers that get transcended her physical being. Futami can live outside of space and time. Before losing her magic, she could travel in space and time according to her will. Futami had a vision and saw the arrival of  Upheaval and that the Kirihara brothers will play an important role.

She begins to keep an eye on the two brothers, and one day, she hands over a notebook to one of her friends with mysterious signs that no one can figure out. Misaki is a ”mysterious’ old geezer at the research center and a powerful psychic. Misaki manages to destroy the barriers at the research center. The ”barrier” was too overwhelming for any human being and separates people. After his death, the ”barrier” vanishes. That was all about the story between the brothers and persues.

Night Head 2041 Episode 1 Release Date

Night Head 2041 release date is 15 July 2021. You can watch Night Head 2041 online on Chrunchyroll.

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