NieR Automata Anime Adaptation PV: What Does it Show?

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Nier Automata anime adaption PV released
NieR Automata anime adaptation release PV

NieR Automata is getting an anime adaption and now it’s confirmed and guaranteed as the promotion video is out now. The greatest JRPG is one again in headlines but this time it’s not a rumor but a fully authentic announcement. Previously on 4th February 2022, a rumor sparked among the fans of NieR Automata, that the game is going to inspire an anime series. It happened due to the tweet that was done on a very popular anime fan page with the username @Spanku_u. However, at that time nothing was official since the creators haven’t said a word about the anime adaption of the popular game. But now it seems like the rumor was not a rumor but a full-fledged spoiler that was leaked prior to the official announcement.

Since everyone including anime lovers and gamers took the leak as a rumor they were quite disheartened. But at the same time, many fans were questioning the statement and were giving good arguments. Nonetheless, now all the reports are coming from completely coming from formal sources. How we can say that now? Because the creators of the game and authorities who are concerned with the creation of the anime have released the PV of the upcoming series. Let’s not spoil it anymore and get into the matter with complete descriptions.

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About NieR Automata

Nier: Automata is a very popular name among gamers since it is a role-playing action game. The game is published by developers PlatinumGames and was published by the publishers Square Enix. To be precise, the game is the sequel to the original game Nier which itself is the spin-off of the Drakengard series. It was directed by director Yoko Taro – the well-known Japanese video game director – known for directing Drakengard. A whole staff of creators joined forced to create this masterpiece which is further getting adapted as an anime adaption. The features, characters, and surroundings of the game gained their designs from Takahisa Taura and Isao Negishi. Different arcs and storylines of NieR: Automata were written by Yoko Taro, Hana Kikuchi, and Yoshiho Akabane. The game was released for different platforms which include PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One.

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Nier Automata
Nier Automata


Since it is a role-playing game the conclusion of the series depends totally on the choices we made while playing it. It gives out a different ending every time you will play the game. The plot of the game is set up into an era of the proxy war that was fought between machines created by aliens and androids crafted by humans. The main characters of the game include Android 2B, Android 9S, and rogue prototype A2. In the game, the earth is attacked by aliens, and humans are forced to live up as refugees on the moon. However, since they can’t spend their life on the moon, humans created an android named YoRHA. The game will be needing multiple playthroughs and each will be unlocking additional elements of the story.

Nier Automata PV released
Nier: Automata

NieR: Automata anime adaptation release PV

The awaited teaser we are here talking about was released on youtube on 23rd February 2022. Much to our surprise, the creators are still planning to keep it slow and give out the information really slow. The teaser didn’t give out a lot about the anime neither the character design nor the animation can be predicted from it. However, we got a nice glimpse into the looks of 2B and Pod 042 androids at the end. Other than this, there was some writing at the beginning but that all were in Japanese and we can’t read it. And that all the information square Enix decided to give out.

The whole game of NieR Automata is based on the things that a player does which decides the end of the game. Still, fans are doubting the decisions by the creator to get it into an anime. Just because there is some heaviest clashing scene which becomes great due to the interaction the player has. It’ll be really interesting to see how things will turn out while adapting a game into a TV format. Let’s wait until the next update and keep our figure crossed in the hope to get the anime NieR: Automata of our expectations.

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