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Nicole Drinkwater and Larry Wheels Breakup: How True Are the Rumours?

nicole drinkwater larry wheels breakup
Larry Wheels

Nicole Drinkwater Larry’s Wheels breakup is speculated by Twitter recently. According to the sources, the duo broke their long-term relationship recently. Fans are really saddened by the news of their breakup. They all are curious to know whether all the speculations about their breakup are really true. The American Powerlifter was dating the British content creator for a long time. They have decided a long way together. Fans are really left heartbroken after the speculation about Larry and Nicole’s breakup rose. She rose to fame recently this year after she began dating Larry. Here we will discuss their personal life, education, relationships, and the reasons behind their break up.

In recent times fans noticed that Larry was not there in any of Nicole’s videos. So first let’s see who are Larry and Nicole? How they met? their relationship status and more. Well as many of us are aware Larry is an American powerlifter. Other than this he also works as a bodybuilder and social media influencer.  Currently, he is 27 years of age. He was born on December 03, 1994. He always wanted to be bigger and stronger. The reason behind his crazy dream was his tragic childhood. He wanted no one to mess up with him and think 10 times before messing up with him.

nicole drinkwater larry wheels breakup

Nicole Drinkwater and Larry Wheels

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Nicole Drinkwater Larry Wheels breakup.

Nicole Drinkwater Larry Wheels breakup. In the past two years, we have seen them go stronger and stronger. They have been involved romantically since 2019. larry’s girlfriend Nicole rose to fame soon after she began dating Larry. Larry faced several allegations in 2019 Nicole responded to all of them very boldly. Later she was introduced as Larry’s girlfriend. Fans were astonished by this announcement. They all have been following them very closely. Fans always prayed for their relationship and wished them a lot of love and togetherness.

Sadly in the past few days, fans noticed a very unusual thing in Nicole’s videos. They couldn’t sport larry in her videos. Soon they began speculating about their breakup. Larry and Nicole’s fans were left heartbroken after the speculations rose. But their breakup is not a rumor any longer as Nicole was seen moving into a new house. In her new house, Larry wasn’t there with her nor she did any mention of him. She alone moved into that house. This is enough to confirm their breakup. Other than this the second confirmation about their breakup is Nicoles videos where Larry has no see nor any mention about him.

When Larry was accused of being abusive Nicole defended the accusation saying he is a very carrying and gentle boyfriend. Even after their separation and Larry’s absence in Nicole video’s. Their breakup just seems speculation. The couple has not confirmed anything about their breakup yet. Though they are not together any longer they did not break up yet. So until the duo doesn’t confirm anything or until the both of them are spotted with someone else, We cannot say that they broke up officially. Before Larry met Nicole he was dating a girl named Chelsea King. He was accused by her of being abusive towards her.

nicole drinkwater larry wheels breakup

Nicole Drinkwater and Larry Wheels

More about Larry and Nicole.

Larry’s girlfriend Nicole is a well-known American Instagram Model and fitness trainer. She was born on April 05, 1991, and currently, she is 28 years of age. Nicole was born in a well-to-do Catholic family. As of 2021, she is based in Dubai. She has been very good both in terms of her studies and her career. She was allowed to choose her career as she did very well in her studies. As of 2021, her net worth is around $600thousands and $900 thousand. Her income per month is $60 thousand.

Larry Wheels was born on 03 December 1994 in Bronx, New York City. He is a well-known American powerlifter, bodybuilder, and social media personality. He belonged to a very poor family he grew on the street of Bronx. After getting a job he joined the gym and would exercise regularly. After Larry rose to fame and made some money he invested in the business. Currently, as of 2021, his net worth is $750,000. The primary source of his income is his tournaments other than that he also earns from his business.

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