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Nicki Minaj Net Worth: How Much Does The Famous Rapper Make?

Nicki Minaj Net Worth

We all know the notable rapper of America who is by profession a songwriter, as well as a singer, is none other than but Nicki Minaj. Not only has she established herself as a popular rapper but also built herself as a popular television host. Not only that but she also became the icon for female empowerment. Apart from that being such a great singer with an awesome and unique voice, she established her position as not only a renowned solo artist but also an artist who featured in popular music videos. Other than her music she also famous for her look which is rather bold than the other singers.

Other than that she also has a fashion statement that is rather loud. Unlike many stars, she has passed through many hurdles and obstacles, in order to rise to stardom. She was born in a family where her father was abusive as well as a drug addict. Seeing abuse from a very young age, she decided to help her family from a very young age. In order to do so, she started taking up odd jobs which further led her to pay off the debts of her family. But as it is said, talent can’t be hidden. Soon enough she earned the opportunity to be one of the major singers by being a part of a popular recording company.

But as it is said every star has its own back draws. Nicki Minaj also has her temper, which further led to creating drama and friction with other celebrities. But she also has her hand in her temper, her fans love her temper attitude, and also her in-your-face persona is loved by her fans. Within a period of a decade, she made her way to the limelight of the music industry. She earned the opportunity of recording projects, TV host as well as made an appearance as a super bowl. In her further career, she shows no sign of slowing down but rather grabbing the top position of the prestigious music charts.

Childhood and education

Nicki Minaj Net Worth

Nicki Minaj as a kid and now

Born on the 8th of December in 1982, in the beautiful city of Saint James which is in Trinidad located in Tobago was a kid named Onki Tanya Maraj. Later she changed her name with her budding career to Nicki Minaj. She was born in the family of Robert Maraj who by profession was a financial executive while her mother was named Carol Maraj who was by profession a foreign exchange teller as well as a gospel singer. Not only being the only child she also has four siblings which further include two brothers namely Brandon  Lamar and Michaiah Maraj. Apart from that she also has two sisters namely Ming Maraj and Jelani Maraj. Since her family lived outside the United States, at the time when Nicki was just a kid, her family moved to the United States.

Soon enough she along with one of her brothers was sent back to her grandparents who stayed in Saint James. Apart from that her father who was very much addicted to drugs started abusing their mother. Once she also set the house on fire which was rather an unsuccessful attempt to kill their mother. But she had a passion for music from a very early age. Soon enough she earned the opportunity to be a part of her middle school band. Apart from that, she got auditioned for being enrolled in the popular school named LA Guardia High School which was the best school for art students.


Nicki Minaj Net Worth

Nicki Minaj in cover of her popular album Queen

Being passionate about music she began her musical career from a very young age. She made her debut in a foursome rapping group named The Hood stars. The group included other popular singers namely 7even Up, Loustar, Scaff Breezy. Soon enough, their group recorded a debut song named Don’t Mess With. Being sang by such a great singer, the song was further used in the album which was a compilation for the WWE. The album was titled Theme Addict: WWE The Music. The album was the 6th volume.

But soon enough she earned more and more opportunity and left her first group that is The Hood stars. She started to publish her work more in her account which was created in Myspace. With her talent, she caught the eyes of a critic who was the CEO of a popular entertainment company named Dirty Money Entertainment. Shortly she signed a contract with the company for a period of 180days in 2007. Under the company, she released her debut mixtape titled Playtime is Over. The album was released on the 5th of July in 2007. Following the success of her debut mixtape, she released another popular song titled Sucka Free. The song was released in the month of April of the following year that is of 2008.

With this, her career kept on going and she never looked back. Her career remained on the positive side of the graph always. Some of her recent achievements can be mentioned. In the month of May in 2018, she declared that she will be releasing another of her popular album. But due to some reason or the other the date of the album was postponed by a period of 3months and was made 10th of August. Just before a few of releasing the song, she again changed the date and made it the 17th of August.

But Minaj does not like to keep her fans waiting, so she released her album on the earlier declared date that is the 10th of August. Being such a great album, it acquired the second position on the Billboard named the US Billboard of 200. Apart from that the album also made its way to be ranked in the 5th position in UK Billboard and on the number fourth position in the Australian Billboard. Following the success of her previous album, she released another of her popular opening tracks titled Ganja Burns.

Net Worth and Earnings

Nicki Minaj Net Worth

Nicki Minaj Net Worth

The popular rapper of America who impressed the audience and the critics several times and has also earned the top position in the billboard of a different country is none other than but the popular singer named Nicki Minaj. Being such a great singer some of her annual income can be mentioned. In 2016, she made a total of $20million. Though in the following year the amount came down it was not less than $16million.

Soon enough, in 2018, she made a total of $10million. But the very next year the income shot up and it became somewhere around $20million. This is just about her income, under her assets we can easily include the house that Nicki Minaj and her boyfriend Meek Mill rented in the popular place of Beverly Hills. The rent of the house is somewhere estimated to be somewhere around $35,000 per month. The house covers an area which is a total of 10,340 square feet. With all this, the popular rapper of America holds a net worth that is estimated to be somewhere around $85million.

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