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The Next Universe Erased Is..? Frieza’s Angry At Him?! Dragon Ball Super Episode 118 Spoilers

Hey there Dragon Ball fans we have some brand-new information coming in pretains to the upcoming Dragon Ball Super episode, as it connects to Dragon Ball Super spoilers and information. With new details and information going forward as I do believe you guys are going to be very excited based on the information going forward.

Dragon Ball Super episode 118 is entitled: ” Accelerating Tragedy: A Universe Vanishes…!”

The description goes as follows: Gohan and Piccolo’s tough fight! Gohan and Piccolo struggle against the desperate attacks of Universe 6’s final warriors, Saonel and Pirina! Piccolo therefore thinks up a method of attack their opponents won’t expect.

Frieza This Week: furious at being robbed of his pleasure?!

Frieza tries to attack the paralyzed Zarbuto and co., but is infuriated when Goku’s energy blast knocks Zarbuto and co. out of bounds?!

So it looks like the Universe 2 fighters is Zarbuto and company as seen during Dragon Ball Super episode 117’s preview is going to be an end result of Goku having to knock them out of the ring. But Frieza looks to be very furious at the idea that Goku in someway, shape, or form comes in and blasts all three of these guys out of the ring.

Which you have to ask yourself as to what Frieza is thinking, especially having to view Goku now, who is in a very tired state. But it also looks like Piccolo and Gohan are gonna be struggling against the final warriors of Universe 6, the Namekians.

But due to Piccolo’s quick thinking, it looks like Piccolo is going to conjure up some sort of an attack that catches the Namekians off guard. We don’t know as of right now which universe is going to be destroyed. It could either be Universe 6 or Universe 2, keep in mind we don’t know the end result of what happens to Ribrianne and Rozie.

But we do know the end result of what happens to her teammates in which Goku rings them out. However, in terms of the Namekians, it is not confirmed that they’re also going to get rung out, but it looks like Piccolo does use a method of attack in which catches them off guard.

So we don’t really know as to what may play off from this, for all we know Universe 6 may be the next universe to vanish, if not of course Ribrianne is still in the ring after Dragon Ball Super episode 118. However, it does look like the ones in trouble the most are the Namekians. Well let me know what you guys think of these new spoilers and I will see you on the next one see ya!

Written by Jaskaran Oberoi

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