Next Batman To Be Unveiled Anytime This Week

Since when Ben Affleck revealed it officially on Jimmy Kimmel Live that he won’t be playing Batman anymore, fans have been wondering who will replace Affleck as Batman. However, Daniel Richtman took it to Twitter on Sunday and revealed the next Batman actor could be unveiled anytime this week.

Right after Ben Affleck confirmed the reports in February, rumours had it that call me by your name fame Armie Hammer would be the next Batman, however, he immediately rejected the report saying he was never offered the role. Albeit, when asked if he’d like to play the role, he candidly said who wouldn’t like it to be Batman, everyone wants to be Batman.

The suspense is giving a tough time to the fans, everyone has been wondering who’ll be the next Batman and will they be content with the next Batman? Guess we’ll to wait no more than just one week to find out who this guy really is. However, the sources reveal that Matt Reeves, who will be writing and directing The Batman 2021 is looking for a younger actor although this news doesn’t have an official confirmation.

Matt Reeves while talking to the media also revealed that the script is not based on the 1987 story Arc. It’s still possible that The Batman would be following the story of Bruce Wayne’s fighting career. The Batman is likely to be filmed at the end of this year and is expected to hit the theatres by June 2021. The Batman 2021, unlike other films, would be different and exciting for the fans as it’s still a mystery who would be playing Batman after Ben Affleck.

Since Ben Affleck has stepped down from playing Batman rumour mill has been started and many names have come out who could possibly be playing the Batman role. Arnie hammer was rumoured to play the role, but he denied all the rumours connecting him to the role.

new batman

It’s however confirmed that they are looking for a younger actor for The Batman. Ben Affleck added more to the news by saying a starting out version will be made with a younger guy.

Apart from Arnie Hammer, Jake Gyllenhaal is also rumoured to be the next Batman. It’s getting so confusing and so much suspense has been created for the fans, but we do understand it’s an important decision to make for the next five to ten years of superhero movies. Who do you want to play Batman next? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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