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Next Arc After Tournament Of Power In Dragon Ball Super – Explained

Ever since the introduction of the Gods of Destruction and their Attendants that turned out to be Angel’s with even greater power surpassing the God’s of Destruction. Then with the introductions of Zeno the King of All, and The Great Priest himself I had a question that wouldn’t go away! What could Dragon Ball Super introduce to surpass what they have done so far?

With the rumor of Dragon Ball Super getting 700 episodes growing bigger everyday, we must ask ourselves “what could Dragon Ball Super do to top what they have done already?”. In all honesty it needs to be big! From how powerful these Angel’s and the Gods of Destruction are to the Tournament of Power, something needs to happen that will shake the world of Dragon Ball Super!

Bring in the DEMONS! Yes, I said Demons! It would be the logical conclusion for where Dragon Ball Super can go.. We have Gods and Angel’s so where are the Demons? We know Toriyama loves taking inspiration for character’s, and even story from other forms of work, stories and even History! Not to mention the “Ying-Yang” theory.. For those who don’t know, the Ying-Yang is a circle made of two halves, 1 being black and the other being white. Think of it as the opposite sides of a coin.. So if we have the “good” entities being the Angel’s who over see the Gods of Destruction, where are the Demons who would be the other side to the Angel’s?


This could be a way for the writers of Dragon Ball Super to open up the story and go even further in to the presence of Entities! Yes, the Angel’s have been shown to be cruel and even dark sometimes but what Angel isn’t? It has been said that this Tournament was only held because the Zeno’s felt some Universes were not evolving quick enough, so instead of just destroying them after seeing Goku fight in the U6 vs U7 Tournament Zeno decided to hold a Tournament to decide who gets erased. Now is that really evil? Personally I don’t think so, I think that actually shows a sign of humility..

What are your thoughts? Do you think we will get to see Demons in Dragon Ball Super? Where could Dragon Ball Super go from here if they end up doing 700 episodes? Keep the conversation going by leaving your thoughts and opinions in the comments down below! As always, thanks for joining the conversation!


The Strongest Warrior Jiren’s Real Intentions

Jiren is by far the strongest warrior we have seen in Dragon Ball Universe beside Gods. If he wants he can literally eliminate everyone and be done with it, but what’s stopping him? We will be taking a look into a theory written by coldcoffee83.

Jiren stronger than beerus

Why does Jiren not simply knock everyone off the stage and end everything right away?

 Why does he bother telling Goku about his weakness? His limit?

Why does he go into meditation after staring at Goku?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 112

There are very few possible reasons I can think of.

Reason 1:

Jiren simply doesn’t care about anyone else. Being so powerful, Jiren is utterly underwhelmed by everyone in the ring

Jiren Real Power

Reason 2:

Jiren is incredibly strong and he never fought anyone who could even match him, but Goku in Ultra Instinct matched Jiren for a while and fought very well too. Jiren wants Goku to master Ultra Instinct.

Reason 3:

Jiren knows something we do not.

To elaborate each of this.

Jiren Power Level

Jiren simply doesn’t care about anyone else. Being so powerful, Jiren is utterly underwhelmed by everyone in the ring

This is quite plausible. As of dragon ball super episode 111, no one comes remotely close to threatening him. This could be argued for everyone present at the tournament of power including the god of destruction. In the recent dragon ball super manga, it was confirmed that Jiren was stronger than his god of destruction and in the manga belmod is extremely strong he was the only god unharmed after the battle with all the other gods. The only exception is the Zenos, the grand priest, and perhaps the angels. It would be boring, in my opinion, but perfectly reasonable.

He wants Goku to master Ultra Instinct.

Their previous battle was most likely a tie till Goku started losing the power and eventually got beaten up by Jiren. For some reason it looks like Jiren wants to explore Goku’s power and see how far he can push himself, if Goku can master Ultra Instinct, he can definitely give Jiren a challenge and who knows perhaps even beat him. But by allowing Goku to get this strong he’s really jeopardizing the future of Universe 11. Which leads to my last point.

Jiren knows something we do not.

Our first shot of Jiren leading up to the tournament was meditating before the tournament of power. At the end of dragon ball super episode 111

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