Have you ever wanted to travel the world? Or have you ever wanted to ride like Mario using your own go-kart? Or maybe you just hate to drive around trying to ignore the boring traffic? Fortunately, Mario Day just arrived and it might as well let you travel the world with Mario’s go-kart to get rid of the traffic boredom. Google Maps will be in for a sweet spot from Mario Kart fans this week.

Mario Kart Google Maps

To celebrate the franchise’s day dubbed as “Mario Day” this March 10, Nintendo of America lend their most famous jumping mascot to the Google Maps. To use the feature, the user needs to choose the vehicle as a car. A very familiar question mark button will be presented. And when the user tapped the question mark button, the usual blue dot avatar will be replaced by Mario riding on his go-kart.

There is even that scene finish line scene when you reached your destination. Users will be able to use Mario and his kart for a week. This is not the only surprise for Mario fans out there. There is also a 50% discount on Super Mario Run through March 26. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will also let you craft Mario-themed items.

Mario Kart Google Maps

Mario Kart is one of the most popular game franchise and there is no doubt that anyone will enjoy this added feature in Google maps. It seems like Nintendo is trying to spice up the new Mario Kart game that will be released on mobile next year. The game’s title is Mario Kart Tour and it is expected to be released in March 2019.

And needless to say, the next installment of Mario Kart in mobile is expected to follow the success of Super Mario Run. We’ll keep you updated for more updates regarding the new Mario Kart Tour.


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