Whether it is an anime or a live-action adaptation, what fuels these mediums is the classic inked manga illustration. Manga is where you see your favorite anime characters first before anime or live adaptations. What fuels a series to continue is ultimately the merchandises and the manga sales. The more manga sales, the more chances that the anime and the whole series will be extended.

But you can’t take away the fact that not all pieces of manga will be sold into the waiting collection of an Otaku. Batches over batches of printed materials will always have those unfortunate manga volumes that will become shelf warmers or those mangas that are hard to sell.

If a manga doesn’t fare very well, it isn’t only the loss in the production that the distributor needs to bare. The distributor also needs to bare the fees that will be incurred for the storage at the warehouse. Oshikiri revealed on their Twitter post that something horrible is being done to recycle the paper of unsold, defective manga volumes, and the revelation is quite unexpected.

Unsold manga volumes were loaded in a machine that will rip the papers apart and recycle them as toilet paper. This isn’t a happy ending for those unsold manga volumes. The scene is also heart-wrenching for manga artists who worked hard to produce these volumes.

Though the harsh reality can’t be ignored. Otakus are always searching for new series to read and new characters to look forward to. It’s only logical to make something profitable out of the unsold volumes to gain back capital. So if you really want to get that favorite manga of yours another season, you should buy a copy to support your series.


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