New and Updated – Top 10 Strongest Warriors In Tournament Of Power


This Tournament of Power has shown us the true meaning of what is to be like holding Godly powers. Despite this, the Saga is meant to be finding out strongest elites warrior from each Universe. Here are, Tournament of Power’s Top 10 most Strongest Fighters.

Note: This list is based on actions performed by warriors so far in tournament of power.

10 Gohan

Son Gohan was never a fighter but when he was forced to train he would modify faster than everybody else. Gohan kept up with Goku and others since was a baby. You can see just a training session with Goku during the cell-saga he became the strongest fighter.

9. Piccolo

Piccolo has been training all these years and it’s safe to say that he’s above Gohan.

8. Android 17

17 has shown some severe brain in this arc and has pulled off some classic five-star fighters. He is fully aware of his capabilities and has shown a fighting sense beyond expectations against the other Universe fighters.

7. Dyspo

Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 Dyspo

Dyspo is seen as one of the trump-cards for Universe 11’s possible victory in the Tournament due to his ridiculous speed, him being the Pride Troopers likely second fastest member, behind Jiren.

6. Golden Frieza

Frieza has been training his stamina problem with his Golden form, and he is likely a lot stronger than before. Even back then, he was able to match, if not overpower both Goku and Vegeta in Super Saiyan Blue form.

5. Toppo

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Arcade Adds Female Saiyans Toppo!

He is one of the dominant fighters of Pride Troopers.  Toppo himself said that he is only second to Jiren himself. He has fought Goku in SSJ and destroyed him. In Super Saiyan Blue, he was able to rival him entirely, and even Goku was unsure if he could beat him.

4. Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue

Vegeta is one of the leading characters in the Dragon Ball series. Certainly one of the strongest in the Tournament of Power. He has managed the most eliminations in the Tournament of Power so far.

Vegeta is known to be one of the developing characters who always wants to defeat Goku and try to exceed him but still fails. Goku always stays one step ahead. He had surpassed Goku in the fight where he had to fight black Goku.

3. Goku Super Saiyan Blue

In some previous synopses for the show, it was hinted at when Goku experienced a loss of stamina that forced him to drop out of Ultra Instinct (or even SSB) during his Tournament of Power fights – yet there’s no mention of that here. If anything, it sounds like SSB Goku is battling hard against Kefla when he suddenly manifests the Ultra Instinct power.

2. Kefla

Kefla is a fusion of two most powerful warrior of universe 6, Caulifla and Kale.  We have seen her power against Goku Super Saiyan God and also saw the gap between their powers. According to Spoilers, Goku is going to use Super Saiyan Blue against Kefla. Well, it is sure that Goku can’t beat Kefla even with Super Saiyan Blue so he will have to use Super Saiyan Blue Kioken as mention in next episode preview.

1. Jiren

Jiren is the most potent opponent Goku has ever faced, and He is the fighter that is supposed to be stronger than God of Destruction Belmod. One of the strongest Pride Trooper and main Fighter of Universe 11th. Despite only being a mortal, Whis stated that his power enters the domain of Gods of Destruction.


DBS Viewers Votes Who Is Getting Eliminated From Universe 7

Dragon Ball Super 119, titled “A New Sacrifice from Universe 7! Universe 4 Gets Serious!!!,” reveals a possibility that one of Universe 7’s fighter will be disqualified in the Tournament.

Dragon Ball Super has continued unpredictable with its contents and twisted up to this date. In the current state of the Tournament of Power, it is acceptable that no power is higher than the other. Although there are essential separations between some of the characters, it’s evident that anyone can exceed their limits.

According to a Twitter Pole Created by Terez.

0%    Fans Voted for Frieza

3%    Fans Voted for Gohan

3%    Fans Voted for Goku

6%    Fans Voted for Vegeta

7%    Fans Voted for Android 17

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