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New Universes Set To Make Appearance In Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super’s ending has left many fans wondering what the future holds for the series. The Universe Survival Saga turned out to be the last story arc of the series, with 8 Universes competing for survival in a Tournament held in the World of Void.

The duration of the Tournament was 48 minutes, and in the end it came down to just Universe 7, and Universe 11. After an intense battle with Jiren, Goku’s Universe 7 was able to win the Tournament of Power, with Android 17 being the actual victor. The winner of the Tournament of Power was to be granted anything that he wished, via the Super Dragon Balls. Since Android 17 won the Tournament of Power, he got the wish, and he asked Super Shenron to restore all the Universes that had been erased.

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Since Universe 7 was the only Universe that survived in the Tournament of Power, 7 other Universes had to be restored. However, here’s the thing. Long before the Tournament of Power even began, Zeno had one day erased 6 Universes, because he was in a very bad mood. So in reality, there were 18 Universes in total, instead of the 12 that we have now.

The question is, since 17’s wish was so ambiguous, did the rest of the Universes that got erased restored as well? Honestly, it could go either way, but I believe that the answer to that question is yes. Before Universe 6 got erased in the Tournament of Power, Frost was erased because he broke the rules. So, when Universe 6 was gone, Frost had already been erased due to a different reason altogether.

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At the end of Episode 131 of Dragon Ball Super, you can see that Frost was indeed restored as well. If Frost was restored, that leads me to believe that the other Universes that were also erased by Zeno a long time ago were also restored. This also gives Akira Toriyama a lot of more interesting things to work with. The DragonballVerse just got even bigger, that would obviously work in the favour of both the anime, and the manga. But, this is just my opinion. I would love to see what you guys have to say about this.

Do you believe that the erased Universes were restored along with the other 7? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below, or hit me up on Social Media. I’ll see you guys soon.

Dragon Ball Super is not available for download but you can stream and watch Dragon Ball Super legally on FUNimation, Crunchyroll and AnimeLab.

Written by Wamiq Fida

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