New Universe Elimination Ranking After Latest Dragon Ball Super Episode


The Tournament of Power, a competition that gathered all the best warriors in the whole multiverse, only has remaining 15 minutes. No universe is safe anymore, but it is still not clear who will be the winner. Ever get curious about the ranking of our Universe 7? Here’s the ranking of all six universes still present.

tournament of power

  1. Universe 4


Universe 4 Gods and Angels

Universe 4, the schemer universe, is the Universe with the least influence in the Tournament of Power. Because of Master Roshi’s efforts and Vegeta’s indirect involvement, almost all of their warriors was eliminated by Universe 7. This is an interesting turn of events to Quitella and Beerus, who seem to have something against each other.

Their ace player, Ganos, was one of the warriors that Univese7’s Master Roshi defeated, although it almost costed his life. What is the greatest suspense that Universe 4 could give us? The revelation of its two hidden warriors and what they could do in the pivotal moments of Tournament of Power. But with zero eliminations and only three warriors remaining, they got the worst place in this list.

  1. Universe 3

Universe 3 is the universe that is the most advanced in technology, that is why it is not surprising to see that all their warriors are mechanical. Although the are ideally the most intelligent universe, they are ironically the most neglected one in the tournament of power. It seems like the brains and the brawl can never be really combined.

Though we still hope that Akira Toriyama actually had a plan for these universe. We are not really looking forward for any major fights against them, We’ll see what the future holds for them. I hope they do the ultimate gattai in the Tournament of Power.

  1. Universe 11


Yep, even though this Universe got Toppo and Jiren, they are just in the half of the list. The main reason is because Universe 11 got only a few eliminations. And not only that, they only got three warriors left, which will surely put them to the bottom of the list is they haven’t got Jiren.

Universe 11 only has two eliminations, and one all of them was done by Jiren. First is Maji-Kayo who was thrown away with the impact of Jiren’s punch. The second is Hit, who was able to freeze Jiren for a short amount of time. There is no doubt that the Jiren is the real MVP here.

  1. Universe 2

The Universe 2 successfully eliminated three warriors up to date. But they are also down to the last three warriors. And to add salt to the injury, what was left are thugs that will never have a chance to stand against Jiren. With the elimination of their ace player, Ribrianne, things are a lot dimmer for the Universe 2.

Everyone is expecting this Universe to get eliminated next episode. That might or might not happen, but it is very unlikely that they will defeat Goku. Goku is still Goku even if he is a tired Goku (now that sounded like a rap).

  1. Universe 6

Since Hit’s fall, all of the most capable warriors of Universe 6 started to fall after him. Cabba was beaten by Frieza after he attained Super Saiyan 2. Kale and Caulifla, even after doing Potara fusion and creating Kefla, was not able to defeat Ultra Instinct Goku. And now that their trump card was lost, the only warriors left are Saonel and Pirina, Namekians from Universe 6.

Although they only have two warriors remaining, they got a staggering 12 eliminations overall. Consider it staggering because some got zeros. If only Hit, Cabba, and the female Saiyans were still there, they would be battling second place against the obvious winner of the list.

  1. Universe 7

Universe 7, which has Goku as their ace player, was down to seven warriors. Because of this, they are the universe which is most likely to win when it comes to numbers. Even though Goku is exhausted, we can still count Frieza to be a dangerous member. Vegeta is also trying to attain Ultra Instinct. The androids are still effective and I hope we can really rely on Gohan for some time.

But not only that, they eliminated 38 warriors all over. Vegeta and Master Roshi are running for MVP when you talk about the number of players eliminated. But Goku is the real MVP when you consider the strength of the guys that he have fought, and he survived.