New Surprising PlayStation 5 Rumours Surface

Well, new PlayStation 5 rumors have been surfaced recently, and most of them are not welcoming for middle-class PlayStation lovers. While there has been no official statement by Sony about launching their new gaming console, the rumors are gathering more and more fire.

The first one of these rumors is that the PlayStation 5 is going to be launched in 2020 that is next year, but it seems odd because no announcement has been made yet officially. The rumors have been provided to us fans by someone who apparently is closely working with this project of PlayStation 5.

It could obviously be a big bunch of lies, but there is a possibility that there might be some truth behind them as well. The next rumor says that the PlayStation 5 price is expected that be hiked. Yes, it is believed that while the PlayStation 4 was sold at a launch price of $400, the new PlayStation 5 will be launched about a $100 more than its predecessor meaning that the new PlayStation might launch at a price of $500 which is quite expensive.

This is the reason why I mentioned earlier that the new PlayStation might soon become very hard to buy for middle-class PlayStation lovers.

PlayStation 5 specs

Now, moving on to the next rumour which is that the PlayStation 5 will have a sibling as in a more premium version is of PlayStation which we haven’t seen before. This could mean that the premium version will cost even more than $500 which is insane.

Another rumor is that Sony will be accompanying PlayStation 5 with an all-new version of their so loved controller known as DualShock 5. It is believed that this controller is going through have an inbuilt camera as well which is again dope. Now, let me discuss some of the few rumored specifications with you all. It is being said that the new PlayStation 5 will support 8K quality and will also be compatible with the VR headset of PlayStation which is a piece of good news.

Also, the PlayStation 5 is said to have 2 Terabyte storage out of the box. Well, these steps clearly seem that Sony is making some serious strides in order to improve their so popular PlayStation series. After the huge success of PlayStation 4, Sony now needs to launch the new version which is going to blow the minds of people away. So, let us see if there is some truth to these rumors or not. Do share with us your thoughts on PlayStation 5.

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