New ‘Shiny’ Pokemon Added In ‘Pokemon GO’

Everyone always gets excited when a new shiny Pokemon gets introduced into the game, even it’s just a worthless Pokemon such as Pidgey. However, while it may be worthless to some, shiny forms could be nostalgic to anyone, no matter what the Pokemon may be; this is because it could have been that persons very first shiny Pokemon in the original games.

New Shiny Pokemon

The three new families of Pokemon you will want to look out and shiny check for are, Pinco, Natu, and Sunflora; while these Pokemon don’t have a lot of use in Pokemon go. Good reason we could see these Pokemon getting shiny forms at this time could have something to do with the seasons. Natu doesn’t seem much like a fall Pokemon, but Pinco and Sunflora but have a bit of a late summer early fall look to them.

For those who are irritated by the fact you can still have a Pinco out of a 10km egg, now, just maybe, it won’t be as frustrating if you can hatch a shiny Pinco. Still a little disappointing, yes, but not as much as just getting a Pinco. For those who are unaware, there was a shiny checking bug a few months ago. This bug prevented people from shiny checking their Pokemon.

What was happening is people would take the Pokemon that has a chance of being shiny to start the encounter. Which after you encounter the Pokemon you should see if it’s shiny or not. The bug prevented the shiny form actually showing in the encounter. So, if you weren’t catching every Pokemon that has a chance to be shiny, you could have missed out.

There were several reports of people catching non-shiny form Pokemon that later turned shiny after catching and checking their Pokemon storage. It’s not certain how common this bug is or if it’s still around, just be safe and catch every Pokemon you are trying to collect shinies for until you finally come upon one.

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